State legislator faces OUI charge after crash, could lose coaching job

FREEPORT — State Rep. Sean Flaherty, D-Scarborough, was arrested for allegedly operating under the influence after rolling his car on Interstate 295 early Sunday morning.

Cumberland County Police Department

Sean Flaherty

Flaherty, 25, was already being treated by Freeport emergency personnel for minor cuts and bruises when Maine State Police arrived at Mile 23 in the southbound lane of I-295 at 1:50 a.m. on Aug. 8.

"He refused to be transported to the hospital," Trooper Doug Cropper said Tuesday.

Flaherty was reportedly on his way home from a wedding in the Sebago Lakes area, Cropper said, when his Toyota Avalon struck a guard rail. Flaherty over-corrected and drove off the road onto an embankment. The car rolled over and came to rest on its roof.

"During the course of the investigation, it became clear he was under the influence," Cropper said. "He reeked of alcohol."

State police arrested Flaherty and took him to Cumberland County Jail, where he had blood drawn for a blood-alcohol test. Cropper said Flaherty could not complete a Breathalizer test because of the blood and dirt in his mouth from the accident. The blood sample is being tested at the state crime lab in Augusta.

Flaherty was released from jail on $60 bail. He declined to comment Tuesday morning when reached by telephone and said he would eventually provide a written statement. As of Wednesday afternoon, no statement had been issued.

Flaherty, who was a state record-setting high school swimmer, is the Scarborough High School varsity swim coach and an assistant coach for the Coastal Maine Aquatics club team in Cape Elizabeth.

Scarborough School Board Chairman Brian Dell'Olio on Wednesday said the decision about whether Flaherty will keep his coaching position will be left up to the superintendent of schools.

"This will go through the administrative process. We have policies regarding coaching staff and the superintendent is responsible for implementing that," Dell'Olio said.

The Scarborough School Department has a drug-free workplace policy that prohibits consumption of alcohol or drugs on school property. It also states that "any illegal use of alcoholic beverages or scheduled drugs ... may, depending on the circumstances, constitute sufficient grounds for discipline, up to and including dismissal."

Superintendent David Doyle on Wednesday said coaches are nominated for their positions each year, and that, technically, Flaherty does not currently have a contract with Scarborough.

Doyle said neither he, nor any of his staff has heard from Flaherty since the arrest and that all they know is what they have read in the newspapers.

"We're waiting to get the final judgment. We know blood tests have been taken," Doyle said. "Whether he's re-nominated will depend on the results of the (OUI) investigation."

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 's picture

Bruce Bryant was a Senator

Bruce Bryant was a Senator (Dem from Rumford) and not only did he not resign he got re-elected 2 more times and he was over 40.

Lil O'Brien was over 70 when she drove drunk and hit someone on Russell St, while drunk. She was a State Rep and a city Councilor and nothing happened to her. This paper even buried the arrest report.

All Democrats in office and nothing. Bush was not in office but the Dem's can only bring him up. That's why our party has no credibility.

 's picture

he's lucky he wasn't charged

he's lucky he wasn't charged with impersonating a Kennedy

 's picture

Chalk it up to being 25!?

Blindly defending this mans actions speaks volumes about your twisted perverse values doesn't it Ron!? But what do expect from some that selects a LAP DOG as his avitar. Sit boy! Fetch! Now bark at the Republicains! Good dog......just plain pathetic!

 's picture

Old enough to know better and

Old enough to know better and too young to care I guess. Lol

RONALD RIML's picture

And nobody here chalked it up to being '25?'

Reckon that's our 'Peanut Gallery' in action.......

 's picture

He's aspiring to be just like

He's aspiring to be just like his idol Ted Kennedy.

 's picture


No, he wants to be just like Dubya.

Steve Bulger's picture

Sorry, Lil

You can't use that one here - he's not a right wing whacko, wingnut, chickenhawk, hater, bigot, birther, teabagger, warmonger. Did I leave out any?

 's picture

Left vs. Right

It's all soooo simple.
Has anybody noticed that it's just as simple and easy to understand for those on the left as it is for those on the right? (The questions have been changed. Only the answers are the same.)
Maybe it's not all that simple?

Steve Bulger's picture

"Not what I would expect..."

from a Democrat?


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