Lovell woman charged with drug trafficking

BRIDGTON — A 46-year-old Lovell woman was arrested Thursday on charges that she illegally sold prescription drugs near an elementary school earlier this year.

Submitted photo

Connie M. Scott

Connie M. Scott of Christian Hill Road was charged with one count of aggravated trafficking in Oxycodone and one count of trafficking in Oxycodone. Both charges stem from the same alleged drug sale, which took place in January within 1,000 feet of the Stevens Brook Elementary School, police said.

“It's actually one sale, but there's two chargeable offenses,” said Chief David Lyons of the Bridgton Police Department. “The first offense is for selling a drug, which puts it in the felony category. The second offense is for selling that same drug in a school zone.”

Oxycodone is a prescription painkiller. Lyons said Scott's arrest, which followed her indictment on the charges by the Cumberland County grand jury, is part of an ongoing drug enforcement program.

“We're committed to this significant problem, and we're going to continue to move forward,” he said.

Scott was not at the Cumberland County Jail as of Friday afternoon.

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 's picture

A life of sadness :(

I believe that this woman has lived a sad life. Perhaps this arrest will help turn her life around. She is a mother, she is a human being...and her appearance, tells me her life was anything but ideal.

Perhaps this arrest is a blessing in disguise...for her family as well as for herself. I'd like to see something good come out of this situation, other than just getting her off the streets. She does have children, and hopefully they will gain the mother they deserve instead of a drug dealer for a mother. I believe there is always hope for everyone. :)

Genise Knowlton's picture

This woman has created her

This woman has created her life of sadness...she had a wonderful husband and family - she gave it up to live her chosen life. She had a great business in town and gave that up to live her chosen life... I too believe there is hope for everyone, but one must take responsibility for the choices they make. I pray that her children learn from their mother's misfortune but given that they too are now 'adults' they have been exposed to a lifestyle they may have difficulty unlearning! The situation is tragic for sure....

Genise Knowlton's picture


she is exposed...I feel bad for her kids!

 's picture




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