Driver crashes trying to 'thread the needle'

FARMINGTON — A Turner driver tried to "thread the needle" by squeezing his pickup truck between a car and logging truck on Route 4 Friday afternoon, police said.

Nathan Harlow, 21, escaped with minor abrasions in his attempt to miss the Ford Escort and Mack tractor-trailer that were stopped ahead of him in the eastbound lanes, police Sgt. Shane Cote said.

Barbara Chassie, 59, of Farmington had stopped to allow a car in front of her Escort to turn left into the parking lot by Fortune Fountain restaurant. At the same time, the empty 2003 Mack logging truck driven by David Campbell, 49, of Patten was approaching on the outside lane beside the Escort, Cote said.

Then Harlow, with a motorcycle in the bed of his 2000 Chevrolet Silverado, came up behind the Escort.

 “(Harlow) was unable to stop in time and tried to 'thread the needle' by squeezing into the space between the Escort and the tractor-trailer,” Cote said.

The pickup scraped against the side of the Ford and bumped one of the tractor-trailer's rear wheels, sending the Chevy spinning around until it stopped on the side of the road, the officer said.

Harlow suffered minor abrasions.

NorthStar EMS paramedics responded as did members of the Farmington Fire Rescue Department.

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Jan Bachelder's picture

They could

put in a turning lane further up the road, or at the next set of lights and relocate the entrances for the motel and the restaurant onto the road that enters Rt 4 on the left. I think its Red Schoolhouse Road? Turning left into businesses ANYWHERE on that road is always a NIGHTMARE.

Turning lane

There is only a partial turning lane in the shape of an elongated triangle, to enter Fortune Fountain's parking lot when heading East toward Farmington. Four lanes with a center turning lane only goes from the FMH (hospital) to the Walmart entrance. This accident occured right after the Walmart entrance, if I read the article right. Because businesses were allowed to build or preexisted right up to the highway, it would be very difficult to make a center turning lane plus keep this a four lane highway. Eventually something will have to be done to this stretch of Rt.2 & 4.

Amy Byron's picture


The woman in the escort and the tractor trailer were headed EAST (toward Farmington) -- the woman in the Escort would have been BEHIND the person waiting the take a left into the restaurant. The guy in the pick up was speeding and couldn't stop BEHIND her...his choices were to rear-end her or try to "thread the needle".

The woman in the Escort wasn't responsible for this accident...she was an innocent bystander. The guy in the pickup needs to learn the rules of the road and not decide to do his own thing just because he was in a hurry. ;)

Tread the Needle

This turn into Future Fountain, when heading towards Farmington, is extremely dangerous. There is not a full turning lane there. This accident is no surprise! The speed limit is 40 mph. This whole stretch of road from the FMH ( hospital ) traffic light to the center of Farmington should all be redesigned. Maybe like other towns and cities have , with a full turning lane in the center. With so many businesses on this part of Rt.4, it is a nightmare to travel sometimes.


You make this sound like the

You make this sound like the guy was a loser but really the guy was most likely speeding came up on the blockage and tried to commit the less damage which he did, he could of slamed into the escort and likely killed that driver and totaled both the vehicles, or he could have slamed into the Mack truck and killed himself, however he choose the right decision even if he was wrong for speeding he was right in his actions this was not an act of stunt driving as the paper tries to gesture but defensive driving at its best!! no one died or was criticaly injured in an accident that could have been much, much worse, however the lesson is Slow Down People we all have to share the roads and with a little courtesy and common sence we all get to go home at the end of the day!!


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