Canal survey

Canal Survey
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

John Lloyd, a surveyor for Titcomb Associates of Falmouth, works Thursday in the canal that runs the length of the Bates Mill in Lewiston. Company president David Titcomb said he was "not at liberty to say" what the project was or who paid for the survey.

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 's picture

why am i not surprised by

why am i not surprised by your lack of a true answer...I'll file this one right next to those imaginary siblings raised during the great depression...

 's picture

tron, I have no doubt when

tron, I have no doubt when the comment was made about a mausoleum it was made without realizing that some people may have been killed in the canal and woudl have relatives reading this blog. For that blunder I have no doubt he feels deep regret for having offending you, but why not cut him some slack. As there are no bodies in the canal currently his comment about it not being a mausoleum was not as offensive as you have tried to make it.

As I was not aware that any of my wife's distant relatives might have died in the canal perhaps you could share with me their name and the instances under which they died. I always enjoy learning more about history particularly that wich is so close to home.

You posted a while back with pretty bitter words at the city regarding the canal but never mentioned this personal story and had you done so it might have made many of us much more respectful and understanding of your comments.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Thanks for the support, Tman,

Thanks for the support, Tman, but I won't even attempt to embelish my statement. I stand by it. The picture in the paper is of a man walking in the bed of a canal; nothing else.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Sounds pretty cryptic. It's

Sounds pretty cryptic. It's not a mausoleum for Heaven's sake; it's a freakin' canal.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Does that make it any less a

Does that make it any less a canal? Where does the article mention that the surveryor was looking for bodies. Have you ever considered being a little less caustic and combative in your posts? My flippancy was not directed at you or your uncle, but how would anyone expect you to know that; you never venture into second and third level thought. It's all first level. I'll go toe to toe with you any day, T...but just remember; the Pirate does not start arguments. He participates in them, but he doesn't start them. You and your ilk do that.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So, the great Tron is now the

So, the great Tron is now the "flippancy" police? Jumpin' 3#%^&* Judas, where does this end?
The parrot, your liberal intellectual equal, sez that he's of the firm belief that you, Tron, could walk into an empty room and get into an argument.

 's picture


H2O Only will go back inside the canal . Surveyor ??????????


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