Obama hasn't done what promised

I am outraged because, on Aug. 10, out of the mouth of President Barack Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, I have been accused of being a member of the “professional left,” who should be “drug tested” and who wouldn’t be satisfied even if Dennis Kucinich were president.

For the record, I worked my bottom off for Obama. I spent hours making phone calls and canvassing because I believed, naively, that Obama would be different from his predecessor.

And I believed that, not because that was what I wanted, but because Obama himself pledged to end torture and to restore the rule of law to the so-called “war on terror.” He also pledged to end the Iraq war, but never said anything about continuing a useless war in Afghanistan where, last month, more American soldiers were killed than ever before.

So pardon me if I don’t bow down in loyalty to this Obama, a president who has not fulfilled the promises he made and has gone back on many of them. I am not a member of the “professional left,” whatever that is. But Obama has turned out to be a member of the “professional politicians.” Sad.

I’m just a long-time liberal Democrat who hoped that my candidate, a constitutional scholar himself, would restore constitutional rule in the United States as he promised to do, and would govern differently and better than his predecessor.

He has done neither.

I still like Obama the man, but not Obama the president.

Paul Macri, Auburn

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RONALD RIML's picture

"concernedKD" simply hasn't been paying attention...

He writes: "Maybe if the federal/ state governments wouldnt increase taxes at every corner"

Time to wake up and smell the coffee there, 'concerned' but obviously not informed - Federal taxes are at the lowest they they've ever been in years; thanks to the Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II tax cuts.

Even during the Vietnam War, Nixon was running enough of a surplus in the budget that he enacted the "Federal Revenue Sharing Act" in 1972. It effected more small, local government than any other Federal Program, and helped keep local taxes down because it was the only Federal disbursement without restrictions on the use of the money.

That was all ended during the later part of the Reagan Administration, when in its last year Federal Revenue Sharing distributed $4.5 billion to 39,000 municipalities in the fiscal year 1986. Reagan couldn't afford to cut federal taxes and pass money back to the locals - so the locals either had to cut programs (often police and fire), or raise taxes.

So just where did you get the idea that they've been increasing Federal Taxes around every corrner? Care to share that with us???

 's picture

You should really learn how

You should really learn how to form your own thoughts without plagiarizing other peoples' work. Cut and paste is just lazy and I think the original author of those words would be kind of upset that you didn't at least give them credit for their work.

RONALD RIML's picture

Here's a Fact - Palin Bailed on the People of Alaska.....

Couldn't commit to a four year term of Governor there, Baby Cakes???

Golly Gee, You Betcha!!!

OAbama's un fulfilled promises

Great letter Paul, but he
's still better than the other alternative a very scary thought!


Welcome to the UNITED

Welcome to the UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA did you not read OBAMA's book and his record, nor the warnings that Obama is after all is a communist wraped up in a blanket of Socialist Agenda!!!!

 's picture


You forgot he's a Kenyan Muslim Nazi!!!!

 's picture

real intellegent comeback,

real intellegent comeback, eh?

 's picture

What do you consider a success?

I have read many of your post and I cannot figure out your logic. You claim the President is correcting the failure of the Bush administration. I'm sorry, but as bad as the economy was under the Bush administration, it was better than today. Today, unemployment is nearing 10% and deficits are rising. Once the tax increases kick in next year, you will reduced revenue to the Treasury, higher unemployment and a contracting economy. If that happens, will you still be blaming President Bush or will you finally admit that President Obama's policies are a failure? Exactly when does President Obama take ownership of the economy?

 's picture

Health care is the biggest

Health care is the biggest crisis that never was. Obama ran on and continued to push this herring to cover for the fact that he knew he couldn't fix the war, economy, or anything else for that matter. Now, all his minions can do is continue the tired line of "inheriting" these problems. What did he do to fix the economy? He spent our future on building projects that didn't create any jobs. Heavy equipment operators and ditch diggers were already employed when he threw more money into the hole. I was never a fan of Bush, but to call this man anything other than the horror of an excuse for a leader that he is shows just how far Democrats heads are up their bums.

 's picture

How do we know?

How do we know this is not some more racist rhetoric? As a Liberal-Democrat you must read the BBC and check the RSS feeds which it displays freely in that Obama is slowly pulling out troops and forcing both Iraq and Afghanistan to stand on their own. This boils down to the logic that you never truly checked sources. Which means another tired sob story from a misinformed hack.

 's picture

xyz...are you kidding me? Is

xyz...are you kidding me? Is that the best rebuttal you could come up with? Why didn't you just say: "I know you are but what am I?". When will you understand that these issues are adult issues and you should learn how adults converse regading them. Do you think the child-like discord you plaster on these sites gives you any credibility? I bet during President Bush's administration you and the ilk left had many moments where the only thing you could mutter was "NO". "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" You are just funny and I don't mean haha.

Steve Bannister's picture


it appears the truth that gil states about the President is hard to digest for those who refuse to see the truth for what it is. reality bites. true to form you the name calling and slanderous comments are not addressed by the SJ. left is as left does.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

X...some of your posts cause

X...some of your posts cause me to question your age. Your 2:57 smaks of something from a 14 year old. But then, the question comes up, would 14 be your age or your IQ?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Thank you, X, for displaying

Thank you, X, for displaying your creative side. By the way, everyone of those no's by the Republicans was in response to a moronic question or request for frivolous funding by the democrats. You may have left out a couple, but you've made the point for us.

 's picture

Do you know why?

xyz, do you know why the Republican Party keeps saying no to the bills presented by the Democrats? The reason is the bills are bad bills. The Stimulus was and is a bad bill. "Health Care Reform" was and is a bad bill. Republicans will not and should not take part in the destruction of America. There will come a time, and I believe that it is not that far off, Americans will realize the the Democrats are moving this great country to a socialist economy. Look at the bills the Dems have put forth since President Obama has taken office. We had the Stimulus Package which was suppose to keep unemployment below 8%. See bad bill, unemployment is 9.5%. They want to negate contracts between individuals and companies where they think the individual is paid to much. They did not honor the bond holders of Chyrsler. They proposed socializing health care. When bad ideas are presented, the answer is NO.


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