Desperate for money

I recently received a call from the Auburn Police Department stating that I have a dog and didn't license it this year. I had to explain that my dog passed away.

Is the city of Auburn that desperate for money that a city department had to call and try to collect my $6?

Brenda Cyr, Auburn

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 's picture

When they start requiring a

When they start requiring a tax on cats, hampsters, and goldfish, I'll start paying a tax on my dog. Until then, the petty politicians can bugger off.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Not being very civic minded,

Not being very civic minded, Mac....0O:)

 's picture

Very civic... I keep my pets

Very civic... I keep my pets indoors, pick up their poop, take care of them, and feed them properly. I once lived in a Maine township that, only a few years prior, had a cow tax. With cows outnumbering humans, they saw it as easy money. This is just another cow tax.

 's picture

The only reason why the state wants us to register

a pet is so that they can tax us on yet another item. The greed of our gov't is so out of control it is sickening.

RONALD RIML's picture

You should have told them you no longer drive your dog.

You should have told them you no longer drive your dog.

Then hung up.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That type of phone call adds

That type of phone call adds new meaning to the "Dog Days of August".

 's picture

I'm sorry for the loss of

I'm sorry for the loss of your pet, but did you take a moment to notify the City of Auburn that your pet had died? Yes, it seems like a trivial thing, but take a moment to look at what licensing is about. It is a way to be able to identify a lost pet and return the pet to its owner. It is also a way to indentify, and verify, that a pet has had the required vaccinations so that someone won't have to needlessly endure a round of rabies shots if bitten by the pet. The $6 you pay for the license is basically covering administrative costs. Again, sorry about the loss of your pet, I know all to well how it feels to lose a faithful companion and friend.

APD+ dog license



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