Waterville's Colby joins Bates and Bowdoin in banning the hard stuff

WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) — Colby College is following two other elite liberal arts colleges in Maine by banning hard alcohol from campus this fall.

Dean of Students Jim Terhune says the goal is to eliminate "dangerous drinking." He says hard liquor, not beer or wine, is the culprit when students are hospitalized for excessive drinking. Bates and Bowdoin colleges have similar policies banning hard liquor.

The Morning Sentinel newspaper says Colby's policy comes more than two years after nearly 20 students were hospitalized following a tradition in which seniors marked the end of classes by drinking on the steps of Colby's library.

The new policy bans students from having liquor on campus, though it still can be served at privately catered functions. Nineteen-year-old student Clare Saunders says campus administrators are trying to baby-sit students.

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Dan Moody's picture

Hard Stuff

You are not going to stop the drinking of Hard Stuff . It is only going to make it a Game >

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

All alcohol should be banned

All alcohol should be banned from the campus. Most of the students are below legal drinking age, anyway. What a farce.

Jeff Douglas's picture

more off campus drinking

all this is going to do is put more drunk drivers on our roads, as kids will just have more off campus parties then try to drive back to campus. thanks colby for putting more mainers lives in danger.


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