No wind for Maine

With reference to Jeremy Payne's column of Aug. 15, I can only state as someone who works in the power industry and has worked on wind farms, we are certainly getting what we pay for from people who support wind power in Maine.

Most states do not even attempt to permit a wind project on the most visible mountaintops. Here in Wyoming, where I am currently working, they would tar and feather you for submitting such a proposal, yet there are thousands of wind towers here. And, go figure, they are mostly in valleys and along the plains.

We have valleys and plains in Maine but it is an added cost to a developer to prove return on investment and secure financing to place them in the potato fields of Aroostook or in the Siberia Basin of Carthage.

Also, we need a $5 billion grid improvement with another $7-12 billion package needed down the road to accommodate transporting wind power on the Maine grid. We are only 250,000 ratepayers versus millions in other states to spread this cost over.

We are paying an unbalanced share of costs to support a generation source that is being sold out-of-state so our politicians can tell everyone we're a green state. All of this while we are currently ranked as having the third highest electrical rates in the nation and are No. 4 for green energy production!

What is broke? What problem are we fixing? What genius in Augusta developed that brilliant energy policy?

Tom Powell, Dixfield

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EnronEast LLC

There have been 16 new coal fired power plants in the U.S. started since 2008 and 16 more slated to be built. Where is the national worry about CO2? Even if the bald faced lies from the windsprawlers were true about CO2 reduction , any reduction will be buried and forgotten by the new coal emissions. Fossil fuel use is a lame excuse to destroy Maine with windsprawl. Save Maine's mtns. and stop the scams. Let the wind lawyers from Bangor and Portland go back to chasing ambulances.

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In all his glory, Governor Baldacci led us down the green lane of no return. No return to the benefit of Maine citizens. I am not against gree power, but we must demand that a good portion of the energy produced stays in Maine. And, the windmill companies do not need any more tax incentive; they are already receiving plenty of tax incentives from the federal government.

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Mainers won't be fooled...

The only merit I could find in Mr. Payne's letter was that he discovered a website which hadn't been updated for some time. He used that outdated information to his advantage, and that's not surprising. When the facts aren't on your side, you have to try another tack to try to fool the public.

Mainers are finally getting the true picture. Many dedicated people are working hard to educate the public about the realities of industrial wind and it's beginning to pay off. One result of that is that those in the wind industry and the 'renewable energy' field are hustling to come up with new propaganda, new half-truths, new ways to try to gloss over what it an incredible-- and very nearly successful-- scam. Those in the 'wind' business have had long-term access to the same facts which we are now discovering, and they are panicking... worried that their houses of cards-- supported by our tax dollars and NOT by good science, economics or stewardship-- will come tumbling down.

It will, if only the good people of Maine continue to hold accountable those who are responsible in the industry, as well as our governor and legislature... the latter of whom happen to work for us. Let's do what's right. Let's have the facts, instead of tag lines and feel good propaganda. Let's listen to the unbiased experts instead of those who stand to profit from industrial wind.

Karen Pease
Lexington Twp., ME

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wind echoes

a wind mill cannot make enough energy in it's lifetime to build itself. ow
wind mills are built overseas (no jobs for us)
destroy earth to save the earth??????
have you ever echoed on the mountains of Maine?
echoes of thumping wind turbines.
keep energy generation on site; minimal transmission lines, pipes,visual, interference

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Wind Power is a scam

Yes, wind power will cost us dearly, in economics, damage to communities and the people living near them, natural resources, and the vaunted "Quality of Place". While Tom focusses on the transmission costs, taxpayers and ratepayers will spend another $5 Billion for the industrial wind sites themselves, based on the projections from current costs of projects approved and the state's goal of 2700 MW of on-shore wind capacity which, if they produce at 25% of the rated capacity will produce only 675 MW. Compare that to the 540 MW Calpine plant in Westbrook built with no subsidies 10 years ago for $300 million. We could easily convert the wholly useless old Wyman power plant on Cousins Island in Yarmouth to a natural gas plant and tie into existing grid and replace, at a far less expense, all the planned wind power. Wind power is just plain stupid economics and we will pay dearly for this folly.

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Transmission cost ripoff of ratepayers

"Also, we need a $5 billion grid improvement with another $7-12 billion package needed down the road to accommodate transporting wind power on the Maine grid".

YES. However Baldacci sold the CMP MPRP upgrade in based on the lie that our lines were simply aging. Meanwhile, he nominates David Littell for PUC Commissioner and Littell, who is also the head of the northeast's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, has a total conflict of interest -- as PUC commisioner he must be neutral; as RGGI head he is married to the wind and transmission industry.

As the author says, who is the genius in Augusta?


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