Sept. 13 date set for Black Mountain funding revote

RUMFORD — Selectmen on Friday scheduled a town meeting for Sept. 8 to debate a warrant article asking for money for Black Mountain ski area, and a secret-ballot vote on the issue for Sept. 13.

The town meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in Muskie Auditorium at Mountain Valley High School.

Balloting will be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the American Legion on upper Congress Street.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Brad Adley and Selectmen Jeff Sterling and Jeremy Volkernick set the dates, times and places at a meeting at 5 p.m.,  Town Manager Carlo Puiia said early Friday evening.

A majority of voters in June defeated a funding request by Black Mountain, prompting Black Mountain officials to ask for a revote, which selectmen denied. Then, Black Mountain submitted a petition for a revote, which selectmen also denied.

However, five men filed suit against the town on Aug. 11, saying selectmen violated the Town Charter by allowing a revote on a petition-initiated article. A judge issued an injunction, which led to the Sept. 8 meeting and subsequent revote.

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 's picture

I did not include the sewer line

I did not include the sewerline project in the $2,623,983.92 aamount previously sited. My numbers are fof cash that went directly to Black Mountain or GRCC/Black Mountain when they owned it and that is how it was worded or before them Chisholm Ski Club. As I stated I did not go through department budgets only the Articles. Since the sewerline was through Black Mountain Property, thank you for pointing this additional expenditure out, and not just along the public way for homeowners and businesses to be forced to attach to at their own expense and saved Black Mountain a lot of money in replacing their sewer disposal system I suppose it could justifiably be added to the total bringing it to $3,423,983.92 known so far.

 's picture

How much has been appropriated and raised by taxation?

Yesterday afternoon I spent about 2 hours going through back issues of the Rumford Annual Town Report with the gracious assistance of Town Clerk Beth Bellegarde and her staff. In that time I was able to uncover $2,623,983.92 going to Black Mountain since 1990. This does not include the descretionary funds they have been getting for their private party and fireworks in February while the town has no Fourth of July Celebration, or any other money they pick up through selectmen's meetings or that get channeled through the Parks Department Budgets or some other budget. I will not be going through all the minutes of all the meetings or department budgets line by line. This $2,623,983.92 of taxpayer money Black Mountain has been handed also does not include the property taxes on land and buildings or peraonal property taxes on equipment including the bar that have been excused. To give you an idea of the taxes they have not been paying, the last time their taxes were even calculated with no expectation of their being paid was 2007 on outdated assessed values (not the current lodge and equipment or lifts) the tax amount was $37,286.02.The mil rare that year was only 17.77 that year. Since 1956 it had only been lower than that four times16.50 in 2000, 17.00 in 1997 and 1998. and 17.25 in 2001.It is probably fair to say that, in effect, Black Mountain is receiving an additional $35,000+ a year from the taxpayers of Rumford through this annual property tax writeoff.

Debbie Carver's picture

Behind your negativity and

Behind your negativity and sarcasm, you do have some good ideas for some year-round economic growth. I would love to have a movie theater here, Brian's Bistro is a great place to eat that draws people in from Jay and Livermore, and the the bowling ally is a fun place that locals enjoy. As far as I understand, those are for profit businesses. I do believe that the town benefits when it can help current and future businesses and we could probably find some ways to help support them with funds if that is what you think will help. The current issue is not a fictional camp ground, but a non-profit business that DOES exist right now. Again, why be so negative? I think you should propose some of your ideas at a town meeting or with an economic growth committee.

Debbie Carver's picture

Bottom line, the majority of

Bottom line, the majority of voters DID want some type of funding for Black Mountain. Stop being so negative and be part of the economic solution for the community. I don't ski and don't claim to know all about the mountain's "bottom line" or its financial situation. That is a different issue. The amount asked for is a fairly "small" amount to support a non-profit economic investment for our community. I don't see a whole lot of others around here (dollar stores and auto parts stores don't count). Let's use all this energy to try to find ways to promote this mountain around the state and other places. Let's work together to help build it economic possibilities and not to destroy them. It would be a win-win for all!!!!!

 's picture

Hmm... having Olympic

Hmm... having Olympic competition and other top world class competitions at the mountain doesn't matter?

 's picture

D Wilson - you're wrong. It

D Wilson - you're wrong. It hosted Olympic tryouts in 1951, as well as other events, such as...




Maine's Collegiate Nordic Championships - January 31, 2010

TD Bank Rumford Eastern Cup

And no, I have no financial interest in the mountain. Bottom line. The majority of people voted to fund it. I don't know how people like you, Candice Ann, and the other 'just say no to everything' crowd can't understand it.


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