George W. and Laura Bush honor fallen soldiers at Fort Williams

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (AP) — Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, are helping to honor the 65 servicemen from Maine who have died overseas since 2001.

The former first couple made a surprise appearance Sunday at a lobster bake following an annual run in honor of the fallen.

About 150 people participated in the 40-mile "Run for the Fallen" from Ogunquit to Portland, each running different distances.

Organizers said more than 400 people gathered afterward at a lobster bake at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.

There, the Bushes paid an unannounced visit and gave thanks to and posed for photographs with families whose loved ones have died overseas.

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 's picture

Where does this stuff come from?

Voisine, all your post are talking points from left wing websites. None of your post show any original thinking.

You claim President Obama is doing an "Exceptional Job". Well, let us take a look at how the economy is going since he has taken office. Unemployment is closing in on 10%. It wasn't suppose to go above 8% if the Stimulus package was past. Deficit spending has tripled in less than two years. Wow, and this is what you consider an "Exceptional Job".

Next year, taxes are going up, when this occurs we will see a decrease in revenue to the treasury which will increase the deficit more. If people and business have less money to spend because they are giving it to the government, unemployment will continue to rise.

Also, didn't the Obama Administration give BP and the Deep Water Horizon rig an award.

Sorry, Voisine, "ignorant Republicans" are not the problem. It is those who are uninformed from both parties.

 's picture

While George Bush may not

While George Bush may not have been a great president, he was certainly better than that thing that is in office now. He spends all his time flying around either on vacation or campaigning for someone or something. He can't be gone soon enough for this country.

 's picture

It is Disgusting

It is disgusting and after the attitudes on here many of the Republicans lack something which Attorney General John Ashcroft had; that is humanity. As Ashcroft has stated on the record is not close friends with President Bush and Bush was great in dividing a Nation. For the lies Bush should be tried as a war criminal under the general tribunal.


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