Three arrested for cemetery vandalism in Lewiston

LEWISTON — Three people have been arrested and charged in the damaging of about 150 grave sites at the Riverside Cemetery on Summer Street, according to a release issued by the Lewiston Police Department Tuesday.

Shane Haskell
submitted photo

Shane Haskell

Billie Coburn
submitted photo

Billie Coburn

Jesse Macia
submitted photo

Jesse Macia

On Aug. 20 police were called to the cemetery, located at 192 Summer St. About 150 grave markers had been vandalized over night, resulting in an estimated $50,000 in damage.

Today, police arrested Shane Haskell, 20, of Lewiston, Billie Coburn, 18, of Lewiston, and Jesse Macia, 18, of Lewiston. All three men were charged with aggravated criminal mischief and desecration and defacement of a burial site.

Lewiston Police Chief Michael Bussiere praised the efforts of Det. Lee Jones, who headed up the investigation, as well as members of Patrol Division and Community Resource Team who assisted in the investigation.  

"This senseless act of vandalism has really touched a nerve in the police department and in this community, but one positive development has been the outpouring of support from those that have volunteered to help restore the graves at the Riverside Cemetery," Bussiere said in a prepared statement.

Haskell, Coburn and Macia are currently in custody at the Androscoggin County Jail.

The investigation is continuing and additional arrests and charges are likely, according to the police.

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 's picture


I guess these idots didn't have anything better to do...

RONALD RIML's picture

Look at that photo of Billie....

Shouldn't he go back to work strummin' a banjo on a bridge.....

 's picture

Cemetary Vandals

Cut their hands off.

 's picture


Grave Digging is to good for them ? Let see if we get a follow up on these three .
( SUN JOURNAL ) Thank you

 's picture


is the question! Senseless - they should be placed in a coffin sized cell with no human contact, food or water for days.

 's picture

Kudos to the police department

I'm glad the police department was able to make arrests so quickly. I was afraid this would go unsolved. I hope they've got the right guys, and all of them, and I hope justice is served for this scumbag crime.

 's picture

I spit on you

Do parents not teach their kids respect anymore??? Ugh, this is the ultimate disrespect. This makes me want to vomit. How cruel and just plain STUPID!!!!! C'mon guys. Luckily my daughter isn't burried there, but if her stone EVER got touched and I found out who did it, KARMA will come back full force!!! How dare u stupid idiots for descicrated someone's loved ones FINAL resting place. You think its funny now??? Its equivalent to breaking in ones house and turning it upside down and stealing and then assaulting them. SHAME ON YOU. YOU MAKE ME SICK. Thank you for the volunteers for helping to set the stones back, you should get a metal of honor. I use to live by that cemetary and it amazed me everytime, reading the stones, and imagined what kind of life they lived. Its one of the oldest cemetaries thats full of rich history for lewiston/Auburn. I hope you a holes get toppled over and "can't get up". I spit on you.

 's picture

no clue

bunch of morons...spit in their faces........good job LAPD

 's picture

Kidding yourselves

Punks. But anyone who believes they'll get any kind of meaningful sentence is kidding themselves. I agree with the poster(s) who have said they should be digging graves and/or other labor at another cemetery as restitution. The punishment should fit the crime. But don't expect that. They'll be let out on bail, then will get probation and a small fine.

Hey, I'm all for some vigilante justice though. If the system won't punish these people - and I'm not just talking about these three, but all the hoodlums we read about on an almost daily basis - maybe we should! Imagine that. If punks like this regularly turned up bloodied on a street corner, maybe that would be a meaningful deterrent. Ah. Dare to dream. But I'm just as much of a wuss as the rest of you. I don't want to hurt MY hand pounding on a punk. I work for a living and need my hands!

 's picture

Every employer and business

Every employer and business owner in the twin cities should keep their names and pictures on file. They should be denied at every turn and rejected by the rest of our community. Further, they should have to spend every day for the next year tending to the cemetary.

 's picture

Too bad these scum weren't

Too bad these scum weren't roughed up a bit while resisting arrest.

 's picture

So very glad they got caught

They should have to work off the cost of their vandalism through community service since they're probably not gainfully employed. And I mean that, no slap on the wrist, some very hard back-breaking work. It would do them a world of good, plus I'm sure there's lots that needs to be done around the city (since the awesome Maineiacs already voluntarily fixed the grave stones.)

I agree with you 100%

This would certainly make these guys think about what they did if they had to clean up the other punishment would sink in faster
and they may think before doing something so stupid the next time they are bored and have nothing better to do that get drunk and topple over headstones of the dead...the cleanup would certainly take longer than it took to mess up the place so it would keep them busy for a good long time..

 's picture

Since the Mainelacs went to

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

 's picture


the chuck a puck thing sounds great.. Call it "chuck a puck, hit a scmuck, and win a buck"

Or you could just hockey tape them to the nets and fire slapshots..

Go Maineaics!

 's picture


What a bunch of scumbags.... yet again, more of Lewistons finest upstanding young citizens !!! As you can see by the look on their faces they have total lack of RESPECT for anything. I bet they do not even hold down a job. They better not get a slap on the wrist and let off for time served ! I would say alot of community service at all the cemeterys in Lewiston and Auburn. Mowing, raking, maintaining and cleaning the stones. Better yet how about some old fashion grave digging with a shovel, maybe some back breaking work would smarten them up

 's picture

Maybe you should be a detective

You can talk all you want and slam the PD's all you want but can you do better?? I have a feeling if you did the investigation there would be thousands of criminals walking around and nobody in jail.........

 's picture

human centipede

I'd settle for some good olde fashoined town square humiliation. Bring back the stocks, or pillory..


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