Christian rock show bridges Kennedy Park

LEWISTON — What started as Bible study discussions earlier this year turned into a full-blown Christian concert Saturday night in Kennedy Park.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Cody Degraft of the Cody Degraft Project plays the keyboard with a group of young musicians from East Auburn Baptist Church in Kennedy Park in Lewiston on Saturday during an event called The Bridge. Playing guitar in back is Justin Hausman. Gabe Klingman, on drums, is not shown.

"Sometimes, people have a hard time coming to church," said Shannon Gamache, 32, of Auburn. "Then, you have to bring the church to them."

Gamache's Pathways Vineyard Church, working with the East Auburn Baptist Church and the First Assembly of God Church on Hogan Road in Lewiston, hosted The Bridge, a family-friendly concert.

It featured regionally known Christian performers Joel and Janna with special guest Cody Degraft. Organizers brought along an inflatable bounce house for kids and hosted face-painting and contests, such as sack races.

The concert got its start in Gemma Osborne's Christian bookstore, Divine Oasis on Minot Avenue in Auburn. A group of women, attending a Bible study, began talking about hosting some sort of a special event.

"We talked about doing something bigger," said Kimmie Teehan, 40, of Turner. "We talked about hosting some coffeehouses, with music, and then someone suggested Kennedy Park, and it just grew from there."

Calling the event The Bridge has meanings on many levels, they said.

"It means bridging the distance between Lewiston and Auburn, but also bringing our message downtown," Gamache said.

Osborne hoped The Bridge would become an annual event.

"And it will, God willing," she said. "After all, God did all of this; I didn't. This is all God's doing."

A young Somali boy, his hair painted green and red from one of the event's booths, interrupted Osborne: "God told you to do all this? How? In your head?"

"Yeah, he talks to me all the time," Osborne said. "He talks to everyone. He probably talks to you, too."

The boy thought that over for a minute before he responded: "Well, my god is a Somali god."

Osborne smiled and patted the boy on the back.

"This is why we do it," she said.

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 's picture

outstanding comment

unfortunately, the airheads like "Yuck" can not get past the first paragraph because the words were too big for them.

 's picture

ojhuig? rights to parks?

OK, do you want us to ban all Christians from parks? Or should we just ban their 1st amendment right to freedom of speech while they are there?

What if we limit Christian access to the park to one Christian at a time, as long as they don't say anything?

What about Sunday School picnics in the park? Can the Christian kids still have their hot dogs as long as they don't pray and give thanks to God before they eat them?

Me and my family pray before eating even in public restaurants, would you have that banned also?

What about atheists? After all, having no religious beliefs is really a belief within itself.

I bet if you were in the park at night and were getting mugged by knife point, that you just might cry out to God also.

What about church vans? Should we stop them from running on government run roads because tax dollars paid for those roads? That's a whole other topic isn't it?

I don't understand why you have a problem with the 1st amendment right to exercise one's faith. And you are wrong, you DO have the right to walk away and not be a part of it.

PS, I'd much rather these Christians in Kennedy Park than the usual gang of kids that steal, deal drugs and intimidate honest people trying to enjoy the park.

 's picture

ojhuig, I just talked to a

ojhuig, I just talked to a couple on non Christian friends who were there. They said everyone was having a great time. So, what is your problem, other than you were offended? Do you hate it when people are having a good time?

 's picture

Wow Tron, I agree with you

Wow Tron, I agree with you again. What is the world coming to?

 's picture

the man is on a roll!

the man is on a roll!

 's picture


i'm confused. if you don't like being preached at, then why do you go to church? people have a right to practice their relegion just as much as you have a right to not like it.

 's picture

"I have a right not to be

"I have a right not to be preached at?"

You have the right to walk away! What you are implying is that they have no right to be there if it offends you. Would you be putting up a stink if the Muslims were praying in the park? Somehow, I doubt it.

 's picture

the world must be coming to an end

i actually agree with tron for once.

 's picture

Same here! A first for

Same here! A first for everything, I guess.

 's picture

ojhuig, you are incorrect

ojhuig, you are incorrect citing the separation of church and state. Read up on the intent, then tell me how I am wrong. If I tell you, you will just blow me off. If you study it yourself, you may learn and retain some of it.

 's picture

ojhuig, my guess, is that you

ojhuig, my guess, is that you really do not understand the intent of separation of church and state. If you did understand, I doubt you would have made such a foolish statement.

Live and let live Nancy. Everything cannot be your way, or no way.


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