Hatred leads to violence

I have listened to weeks of hate, prejudice and bigotry of the worst sort.

I remember 9/11, and the 3,000 dead that day. Some of them were Muslims, who worked there, some of them were Jews. I bet some of them were atheists, or agnostics; all colors, all races, all creeds and all religions.

My country is a country of many colors and beliefs. Our forefathers recognized the value of diversity. I think a cultural center and mosque might allow people who do not want to spend their lives in ignorance to learn about the Muslim faith, and the people who practice it.

What is wrong with this country? Where did the tolerance, the acceptance and the care for others go?

So much hatred — a lot of it promulgated by FOX news and rabid, right-wing radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh. It sickens me.

Has anyone suggested that no Christian church can be near the site in Oklahoma City that Christian, right-wing boy Timothy McVeigh blew up? According to the way the Muslims are portrayed, his actions should be construed to mean all Christians are terrorists. I know for a fact only some of them are.

We have the hate-mongering pundits on FOX and radio fanning the flame of hate. They have caused violence, and they will cause more.

Diana Lovejoy, Buckfield

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RONALD RIML's picture

I quoted "word for word."

That's why I included 'Quote marks" and also the hyperlink to the original article for any further study.

You obviously responded to 'Bunky' - so that requires no further explaination.

As this article states - Three faiths - same link to the One Abrahamic God.

RONALD RIML's picture

Hate to break it to you, Bunky....

The God of Islam, Christianity, and Israel is the One Same God of the Covenant with Abraham.

Abrahamic religions

"In religion, Abrahamic religion is the designation used for monotheistic faiths emphasizing and tracing their common origin to Abraham.[1] Judaism regards itself as the religion of the descendants of Jacob, grandson of Abraham, the direct descendant of Shem, the favoured son of Noah, who founded the human race following the Flood. Christianity began as a sect of Judaism in the 1st century AD and rapidly evolved into a separate religion with distinctive beliefs and practices, notably its replacement of the Jewish idea of an exclusive ethnic religious community with an inclusive, universal community, the Christian Church. Islam was founded by Muhammad in the 7th century CE upon the teachings in the Quran, which draws on Judaism, Christianity and native Arab traditions; its distinctive innovation was to retain the universalism of Christianity while replacing its complex concepts of the nature of God?a deity who is simultaneously one and three?with a clear monotheism."

RONALD RIML's picture

And 'Normalcy' for 'Thinkingman"

Was eight years of Bush and a Republican constituency which by in large now can't quite decide whether or not the President is indeed a natural American born citizen or a Christian??


 's picture

Diana, I will make a deal

Diana, I will make a deal with you, if you stop lying about conservatives and the right, then I will stop telling the truth about the no-growth, flat-earth, enviro-marxists, statist leftists like you.

RONALD RIML's picture

We weren't attacked because of 'Religion' - bin Ladin said why

Obviously Sandra, you haven't exercised the intellectual curiosity or honesty to discover the reason.

Were the ones your Puppet-Masters gave on Talk-Radio and Fox News adequate for you???


RONALD RIML's picture

So vzep's not having a good day making a cogent argument?

Who'd a thunk it???

RONALD RIML's picture

Then exhibit superior debating skills

And blow any alleged complex of mine out of the water.

It's all up to you.

RONALD RIML's picture

I've had to live and work in a world of facts....

Not mere allegations, suspicions, theories, speculations, conjectures, flat out-guessing, unadulterated bullshidt, and out and out predjudice.

I'm always prepared to back up what I state - and certainly don't expect anyone to do more than myself.

If you can't adhere to a standard where one substantiates their claims - then all this is reduced to is a mere pizzing match. That might serve your purpose, but it doesn't arrive at the truth.

So take your pick. Do you want the truth? Or do you simply want to have a pizzin' match, arguing about who'se got the biggest and baddest whatever.....

I'm for the truth, and I'll reference those sources out there applicable to the issue under discussion. And I'll challenge others to do the same. That's what debate is about.

RONALD RIML's picture

They're not mine - but general rules of debate and forensics.

Truth and historical precedence matter - if one is discussing a subject and making a point, then they should be fully capable of referencing that which it is that they claim.

If one is dicussing the 9/11 attacks - they then should be cognizant of what the mastermind, Osama bin Ladin, had to say concerning the attack, the reason he conceived it, and what inspired it.

Very few folks have the foggiest idea of what he said it was about. Why would that be??

RONALD RIML's picture

There is much more to bin Ladin than merely this statement.

You must also study his past. Facts - not opinions.

His people, including some Mujahadeen, worked with us to defeat and expel the Soviets from Afghanistan. We were even purchasing weapons from the Red Chinese back then to supply the Mujahadeen so they wouldn't be traceable back to the U.S. Strange Bedfellows, eh.

Never look at history in a vacuum. It's like bacteria in a cheese; constantly churning, changing, ripening.

RONALD RIML's picture

He's not a 'witness' - rather the 'Perpetrator'

And what is there in OBL's past to qualify him as a religious rather than anti-American terrorist?

RONALD RIML's picture


So what part of bin Ladin's statement did you disagree with, vzep??

Quote it, then cite your argument against it.

We'll be waiting.

 's picture

Diana, Timothy McVeigh was a

Diana, Timothy McVeigh was a self proclaimed agnostic. But what the heck, let's not let facts bog us down.

RONALD RIML's picture

But he looked like a Christian!!!


 's picture


It's hatred fueled by fear generated by the no ideas, no policies, no sense GOP aided by their propaganda network, and the no-brains clowns that dutifully tune in daily and believe the lies.

 's picture

Gil and Candice

What of those moderate Muslims who face being killed in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq? Or the brave men and women who are Muslims who fight in our armed forces are they alone in that? Do they deserve any consideration other then the racism of Gil and Candice? I think Gil and Candice enjoy creating the new pogroms pretty soon it'll be any Christian or Baptist such as myself who disagrees with them will be forced to join a State representative Church much like in China to truthfully belong.

 's picture


Don't set your sights too high, Gil. We should give up the whole freedom of religion thing so we can be more like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, right?

RONALD RIML's picture

Newsflash for Gil!!!

The United States is NOT, I repeat - is NOT - Saudi Arabia...

The United States is NOT, I repeat - is NOT - Saudi Arabia...

The United States is NOT, I repeat - is NOT - Saudi Arabia...

The United States is NOT, I repeat - is NOT - Saudi Arabia...

 's picture

Speak from knowledge and experience

For decades, I have been a student of comparative religion, that includes Islam, aka the muslim faith. This is a religion based on violance and hatred. The document on which this religion is promulgated promotes hate, violence and destruction towards women of the faith, those who seek to leave the faith and any who are not of the faith. There is no room for tolerance in Islam.

In addition to what I know from studying Islam and the documents of this faith over several decades in conjunction with a long-term study of comparative religion, I also had business associates and friends in and around the World Trade Center who perished on 9/11. I see the proposed mosque for what it is, a slap in the face of all Americans and the furthest from the mind of those proposing this project is extending the hand of tolerance or friendship.

For those who would scream Christian right and FOX or as some prefer to call it Faux news, I will further volunteer that while I have also exstensively studied a number of versions of the Bible in my comparative religion studies along with the Jewish Tora, I am neither Christian nor Jewish and I a have not had television in my home since 1998 which obviously rules out any FOX News influence.

I would encourage Diane Lovejoy and anyone else who wishes to defend those who would further violate American dignity in supporting the construction of this mosque to actually take the time to study Islam and not just give it lip service or the politically correct Obama Party line.


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