Western Maine wind line near Roxbury approved

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine utility regulators have approved a plan to upgrade a power line that will carry electricity produced at a wind-power facility under construction near Rumford.

The Public Utilities Commission voted Tuesday to grant conditional approval to Central Maine Power to upgrade its line near Roxbury. The $13.5 million upgrade is needed to connect the proposed Record Hill wind farm to CMP's electric transmission system.

The PUC's conditions include a requirement that Record Hill Wind LLC make a three-month prepayment to CMP of all construction costs, and quarterly reports to the commission monitoring project progress.

Approval allows CMP to replace an existing 34.5-kilovolt line from Rumford to Roxbury with a larger 115-kilovolt transmission line.

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 's picture

CommonSense or NonSense

CommonSense,first off, your nom de plum is a misnomer if I ever saw one. Let’s start with “This article is about new higher capacity lines for the grid, not construction of turbines.” That statement does not reflect common sense. You should change your nom de plume to ‘NonSense.’ It would much better reflect your statements.

Ex-Gov. King stated at a utility meeting that Record Hill Wind will pay CMP $15 million for the cost of the new grid. Can your “common sense” explain why? Is this a grant from a king’s charitable trust? Maybe it’s needed for the Roxbury Falls hydro project that will encourage General Motors to build an auto factory in the Swift River Valley? As for job creation, let’s stick with windmills, not pie-in-the-sky businesses moving in. Please state the number of permanent jobs to be created by these automated windmills in Roxbury and back them up with real facts.

Sorry if Karen’s sober, factual assessment left you lost for a factual rebuttal. Of course ‘NonSense’ doesn’t allow pesky facts to get in the way. We all wish you the best, and if you work for the wind industry that you don’t lose your job.

 's picture

transmission line for wind

it is not about upgrades. Record Hill is almost under construction for wind turbines, but not yet...company ran out of money. Unless they get yet another loan from our government, they can not go forward. Maybe PUC is sealing the future for no transmissionn line in Roxbury by making Wind company pay up front.
Karen, keep writing. we are reading.

 's picture

We Gain, Record Hill Pays!

It is to upgrade the transmission lines and it will improve the grid for electrical service to maine consumers. The bonus is that since Record Hill will be sending power through the lines into the grid at this point, they are picking up a big part of the tab which means CMP customers are not! That is a good thing.

 's picture

Getting smart...

Hi, CommonSense. :o)

I 'hear' your frustration, and I understand it. But there are several things which must be taken into account when considering wind generated power-- one of which is its exhorbitant cost... Wind power is many times more expensive that renewable hydro power which we could purchase from Canada--if, in fact, we needed additional electricity. Currently, Maine does not. I do not believe manufacturers or retailers will move to Maine if they are forced to pay for super-expensive electricity. That has been a sticking point in the past, and is one of the reasons towns occasionally offer TIFs-- because they hope to entice companies which cannot afford the high cost of doing business in Maine. Industrial wind power and new transmission corridors will not help lure businesses...not from an economical standpoint, and probably not from a 'quality of place' perspective, either..

In addition, if jobs are a concern of yours, wouldn't it be much, much wiser to take the billions of dollars which the government is prepared to hand out to wind developers and use those tax-payer subsidies to make Maine's aging housing stock more efficient? Hundreds of builders, electricians and plumbers would have jobs if we concentrated on conservation... we would have a win-win-win situation. Mainers put to work. Less fossil fuels burned to heat our homes (thereby reducing pollution, AND our dependence on foreign oil). And a unique environment kept safe from high voltage transmission corridors with their attendant Electro-Magnetic Fields, and high-mountain terrain protected from erosion, herbicides, fragmented wildlife habitat, and potential water quality issues.

I'd love to speak with you in more depth, if you truly have concern about this issue. Feel free to contact me at highlandmts@gmail.com

Karen Pease
Lexington Twp., Maine

 's picture

Karen do you ever get out of the Anti-wind vortex?

Karen do you ever get out of the anti-wind vortex you have been sucked into? This article is about new higher capacity lines for the grid not construction of wind turbines. I know you can not talk about wind power with knowledge, facts, honesty, and integrity, I wouldn't even ask that of you if the article were on wind turbines. Your history of comments on the subject tells me you can not do it. This one is not on your pet subject. Can we stay on topic, please?

 's picture

It is about time we started

It is about time we started moving forward from a first world nation with a third world power grid even if Maine has blocked every opportunity at economic development. Maybe if we have the ability to move the necessary power and a major manufacturer is looking for a home they will consider Maine and Maine will get smart and say yes to jobs for a change.


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