Texting-driving ban on Maine agenda?

AUGUSTA (AP) — A proposal to ban text messaging while driving is emerging as a likely issue before the next session of the Maine Legislature.

Maine lawmakers passed a law last year that attempted to deal with all forms of distracted driving. But some lawmakers say it doesn't go far enough.

State Sen. Bill Diamond, who sponsored the distracted driving law and is running for re-election, says he'd introduce a bill to ban texting while driving. The Windham Democrat says evidence continues to grow that as mobile phone technology expands, more and more people are texting and taking advantage of other mobile Internet technologies while driving.

Congress is considering legislation to push all states to ban texting by drivers. Some states and cities have passed or are considering similar laws.

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Phyllis Rand's picture

How Far is "Far Enough?"

Why isn't the Distracted Driver Law sufficient?

PUBLIC Law, Chapter 446, Section 1. 29-A MRSA §2117 :
"Operation of a motor vehicle while distracted" means the operation of a motor vehicle by a person who, while operating the vehicle, is engaged in an activity:
(1) That is not necessary to the operation of the vehicle; and
(2) That actually impairs, or would reasonably be expected to impair, the ability of the person to safely operate the vehicle."

A "texting" law would be redundant.

Jeff Douglas's picture

presumably a texting law

presumably a texting law would have stiffer penalties then the fine someone would recive under the distracted driver law. because the distracted driver law includes things like eating food and adjusting your radio it dosent have the teeth needed.

Jeff Douglas's picture

i wont work that way

your right pre-emptive enforcement wont work. but when texting records are pulled after accidents happen those records will be used to bring charges against the driver. thats how the law will be enforced.

Jeff Douglas's picture


all the studies ive seen show a driver talking on a cell phone is worse then a drunk driver.

Melissa  Dunn's picture

i wrote to the

i wrote to the legislature/gov. john baldacci to make a public service announcement commercial on the seriousness and to raise awareness of the dangers of texting/cell phone use while driving. time and time again i've seen people swerve off the road, swerve last min before impact, run stop lights and stop signs, and even be on the wrong side of the lane. cell phone use while driving needs to STOP. no talking... no texting... no use period. if it is that important that you talk to that person PULL OVEEEER. my friend and i use a hang up the phone 'sign language' to drivers. serial/habitual users of cell phone use while driving have NO RIGHT to risk my life or the life of my family by pulling the crap that they are doing. even though you may think you can-you literally CAN'T! the brain WILL NOT allow you too. its called inattentional blindness... look it up!

 's picture

It is time!

Have seen many close calls with vehicles, either the driver is on a cell phone or texting with both hands and trying to drive with the heels of their palms. I have often wondered exactly how many accidents have happened because of the use of cell phones while driving. Any ban will not stop it but it might slow it down a little.

 's picture

What a waste of legislative resources?

If this isn't a perfect arguement for cutting the legislature to 1/4 it's current size, I don't know what is. Last year this same person proposed and got passed a distracted driver law that not only takes texting into account but talking on cellphones, fiddling with the radio, putting on make-up and anything else distracting drivers might consider. This is redundant and wastful. If we had fewer legislators we would have fewer staff, fewer lawyers to draft the crazy, needless, and redundant laws. Go home Senator Diamond, spend some time with your family, visit Sebago Lake State Park and stop wasting taxpayer money with redundant laws.


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