Rumford woman charged after garbage truck rear-ended

MEXICO — A Rumford woman whose sport-utility vehicle rear-ended a garbage truck attempting to turn left off Route 2 early Tuesday afternoon was charged with driving away from the scene, police said.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Police, fire and emergency crews share information early Tuesday afternoon behind this totaled 1999 Dodge Durango that stopped on Highland Terrace in Mexico after police say driver Dawn M. Miller, 35, of Rumford slammed into the rear of a garbage truck a half mile away on Route 2 in Mexico.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Rumford fire Lt. Rob Dixon talks with accident victim Dawn M. Miller, 35, of Rumford, beside Highland Terrace in Mexico after police say Miller's 1999 Dodge Durango slammed into the rear of a garbage truck a half mile away on Route 2 in Mexico. Miller was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and having no insurance on the sport-utility vehicle, which was totaled.

Mexico officer Mike Grenier said he charged Dawn M. Miller, 35, with leaving the scene of an accident and having no insurance on her black 1999 Dodge Durango, which stopped a half mile away after engine fluids drained out. She will be arraigned on Oct. 5 in Rumford District Court.

Witness Tammy Caldwell of Mexico said she was driving south on Route 2 near the Big Apple Shell gas station and convenience store when the accident happened at 1:15 p.m. in the opposite lane right beside her car.

J and J Disposal garbage truck driver Tim Thayer, 33, of Farmington, said he had stopped in the north-bound lane to turn left into a lot beside the station and had to wait for a long line of oncoming traffic to go by.

“He had been stopped there quite a while,” Caldwell said. “He had his blinker on and she was coming up behind him wicked fast. Then she slammed into him as I went by and I saw smoke when I looked in my rear-view mirror.”

Thayer said the force of the impact lifted the rear of the 20,000-pound truck into the air. He banged his head against the rear window of the truck, which is owned by Archies' Inc. of Mexico. Damage to its steel rear bumper, which was caved in, was estimated at $2,000.

Grenier said he didn't know how fast Miller was driving, but the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 40 mph several hundred feet before the impact site. Caldwell said Miller applied the brakes just prior to slamming into the garbage truck.

Thayer said the SUV then caromed off his truck, bounced off a guardrail just down the road, and disappeared around the corner.

The SUV — it's front end crushed and rubbing on the driver's side front tire — stopped on Highland Terrace road behind the VIP Parts, Tires and Service store, which faces Route 2 a half mile from the accident site.

Med-Care Ambulance and Rumford firefighters in their Rescue 1 squad truck assisted Mexico firefighters at both scenes. Traffic was detoured off Highland Terrace.

One Rumford firefighter helped comfort Miller, who was visibly shaken up, and tended to by Med-Care while laying on her back on a lawn opposite her Dodge.

Grenier said that Miller was injured, but refused treatment. Additionally, Thayer walked stiffly and said his head hurt, but he, too, declined treatment at the scene.

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 's picture

she ran away from the scene

she ran away from the scene of a accident,what I want to know is,did they give her a breathalizer,they should have.

 's picture

no toxiology report?

most of the time when people run from an accident thier under the influence this is also the case when they refuse medical treatment.

 's picture


Where did you get this information on her statement about the brakes failing. Town rumor? I'm curious Kevin because I know your ties to certain agencies and places you may or may not currently work/volunteer at. I would hate to think in that line of work you would be on a website/newspaper giving confidental information that could hinder and ongoing investigation. Can you please let us know how you heard this? Maybe the officers aren't aware of this and you should share the information if you were at the scene. It could help her out maybe.

 's picture

Brake Failure

The woman has stated that her brakes failed.

 's picture


She was driving fast enough to lift the rear end of a 20,000 pound truck into the air and bend its steel bumper? It would be interesting to find out exactly what speed she was doing. Is there a physicist in the house?

I guess that I too would be visibly shaken if I totaled my vehicle with no insurance. Strange that she wasn't shaken enough at the concept of rear-ending a 20,000 piece if steel to stop at the scene of the crime. Somebody is going to need to get an additional job to pay for the damages. :(


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