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Will Black Mountain of Maine be in operation to host the U.S. Nationals in January, 2011? Rumford voters can make that happen when voting by secret ballot on Oct. 13 at the American Legion Hall in Rumford. There will be a new town meeting at Muskie Auditorium at Mountain Valley High School on Sept. 27 to discuss the matter.

Marie Boudreau, Rumford

Secretary, Chisholm Ski Club

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 's picture

It is not Rumford Taxpayers responsibility to fund!

Rumford taxpayers have handed over in excess of $3.5 million dollars to Black Mountain over the past 20 years not including the waived personal, land and building property taxes and countless millions more appropriated and riased by taxation in the years before that. Libra foundation has handed them nearly $20 million since 2003 in addition to purchasing Black Mountain and taking over capital expenditures. Marie, Black Mountain is a terribly mismanaged disaster. Should an event come Black Mountain, Rumford does not benefit from it. There is only one small motel left in Rumford and these people do not use it. They stay in Bethel, Farmington, and Lewiston and commute for the events. They do not eat here either. They either eat at Black Mountain during the event activities which does not help us since all Black Mountain does is take from Rumford and Bethel, Farmington, and Lewiston where they stay and buy their gas and anything else they need or want.

It is long past time the Rumford Taxpayers stopped supporting mismanagement of Black Mountain through exempting them from taxes and granting them under any name appropriations. If Black Mountain loses any event or closes it will be because of years of and continued extreme mismanagement.

Marie Special Interest

Black Mt. has gotten monies from the town for as long as I can remember. It is unbelievable that they keep coming back for more and don't even try to help themselves. When they went around with their petition they should have asked for $100.00 donations from the people who signed. 500 times $100.00 equals $50,000.00. WOW! Where are they getting the monies for the excavation work for the new trail? What would have the new wind farm done for the mountain in terms of revenue possibly? But yet the BMOM board members are fighting against it.


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