Not accurately represented

The series of articles authored by Naomi Schalit do not accurately represent the efforts of the Governor’s Wind Power Task Force.

Gov. John Baldacci established the task force with very general goals, recognizing that Maine’s regulations concerning wind power projects were outdated.

He brought together a diverse group of individuals, including members who had recently opposed the Redington Wind Project. There were robust discussions, significant public input and an open process guided by a neutral facilitator.

After a year of work, the task force developed recommendations that the governor presented as legislation, which were unanimously adopted by the full Legislature.

There was nothing unusual about how the task force went about its work. It brought together different views, sought input, invited expert comment and worked for agreement.

Schalit writes that the governor made “the unusual move” of sending me to urge task force members to issue a set of consensus recommendations. In fact, that is a normal move and was suggested by the task force chairman and the facilitator as a helpful tool to encourage members to work through tough issues.

I speak out because the articles by Schalit convey an impression that there is something illegitimate about the task force and its work. That impression is unfair and does a serious disservice to the diligent and good-faith efforts by all involved to develop a path forward for both wind energy and environmental stewardship in Maine.

Karin Tilberg, Augusta

Senior policy adviser, Office of Gov. John E. Baldacci

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 's picture

Baldacci's Shill is 'UPSET' by FACTS..TOO BAD!

Tilberg's insinuation that the law was followed by the Wind Task Force is absurd.
Fad and wind lobby interests and political self-servers in Maine enabled the removal of protective legal appeal layers of the DEP , and the constitution’s mandate for home rule on this issue.
Removing DEP appeal process was outrageous, environmentally destructive, and probably illegal. Removing the superior court review of appeal process was underhanded and quasi-legal.
The disdain for public input, the real public that would be affected by this "illegal" taking of property by wind turbine industrialization of Maine and breach of Maine State home rule is breath-taking.
Shalit did a great job on showing how the Maine elites self-served at all layers of this wind scam.
The process has been outrageous, and must be stopped with this election.
Expedited Wind law must be repealed !
Expedited Wind law is a perverted law designed and initiated by perverted process and non-empirical fad thought. Cost/Benefit analysis will easily debunk this fad legislation ,if allowed to function as it should..
Maine’s economic and environmental future is at stake . The Wind Scam Maine will be stopped by reality , environmental and economic facts.
None of the above has been used by the legislature in its creation.
I hope more great investigative pieces on this issue follow soon from Shalit.

 's picture


Karen Tilberg is another shill for Baldacci's windsprawl buddies. The Task Force was only interested in turbine development NOT the environment. The env. laws were ignored , weakened, and mitigated with no proof that C02 would even be reduced. How ,Karen, is this a good faith effort? The NRCM and Audobon were bribed or I guess "incentivized" would be more politically correct. Her defense of the task force debacle is reprehensible but expected. What measurable effect will thousands of turbines have when 16 new COAL fired power plants have started since 2008 and 16 more set to go soon? C02 will rise . Turbines cause C02 to rise when integrated into the grid anyway as proven in Denmark. Baldacci had a duty to do the research and dig up the facts before siding with the windsdprawl developers. He didn't bother and either was misled by the wind industry lies or deliberately sided with the scammers. He is responsible either way and so is Karen for promoting the wind hucksters.

Alan Michka's picture

Public input?

Ms. Tilberg's insinuation that the general public was an active participant in the process of the Governor's Task Force on Wind Power is misleading. The executive order that created the task force very plainly states that the task force's purpose was to facilitate the intensive development of wind energy. There was no mention of any need to determine if this was or was not a good idea for Maine. The task force's purpose was to grease the skids for the wind industry. Any opposing public input was destined to fall on deaf ears - the task force wasn't there to put restraints on the wind industry, but to remove them. The legislature ended up snoozing through the passage of the resulting legislation - introduced and recommended for passage by Sen. Bartlett, a wind task force member. Our legislators didn't even bother to discuss what is probably one of the most transformative land use bills in Maine's recent history. They just robotically went along with Bartlett's recommendation. I could have done that myself without ever leaving the house - why do I need to elect someone to do that for me?

Alan Michka's picture

Tilberg insults citizens' intelligence

Maine's wind development siting regulations weren't outdated, as Tilberg suggests; they were just too protective of Maine's scenic qualities. They had to be gutted so that wind turbines could be strewn across a famously beautiful landscape with little interference from citizens. What's truly outdated are Maine's noise regulations. Written over 20 years ago, with somewhat arbitrary guidelines, they're inadequate for regulating the noise from wind turbines. Of course, the task force didn't dare touch those. That could have slowed down wind development and the task force's purpose was to expedite it at any cost.


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