Auburn man charged with burglary, arson

AUBURN — An Auburn man was apprehended early Sunday morning after officers responding to a burglary-in-progress call at Dag's Bait Shop, 559 Minot Ave., found Joshua Malo, 25, of 62 Bennett Ave., exiting the warehouse next door.

Joshua Malo

While questioning Malo outside the business around 1:19 a.m., police smelled smoke coming from inside the warehouse and discovered a fire on the first floor of the building.

Deputy Chief Jason Moen of the Auburn Police Department credited Officer Donald Cousins for extinguishing the fire before it spread.

Moen reported Sunday afternoon that Malo was charged with arson and burglary. He remained in the Androscoggin County Jail on $10,000 cash bail as of Sunday night.

Moen said that the Auburn Police Department was assisted at the scene by the Auburn Fire Department and the state Fire Marshal’s Office. A motive for the crime was not known, and the case remains under investigation.

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perhaps the shop wasn't doing

perhaps the shop wasn't doing so good...?worth more burned down?

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you are right of course....

you are right of course.... nobody knows what reason he had for(allegedly) starting a fire but himself.. I know that Mr, Daigneault is a good Catholic that divots alot of time and money to the church...I apologize for even mentioning it...but I thought that they had sold it... and even so it was an unfounded comment and should not have been said...because I don't know the facts like everyone on here...just a stupid post

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Arson where?

Only in this town would someone be dumb enough to set a fire across the road from the fire station.

 's picture

Why would anyone smile when

Why would anyone smile when they have their mug shot taken? This just blows my mind. He was arrested for arson and burglary, not just stealing a pack of cigarettes! What a dork!! Let's see how big that smile is when he gets his sentence read to him.

 's picture

the smile is in anticipation

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]


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