Hats off at Region 9 school

MEXICO — Vocational Region 9 board members Wednesday upheld their decision to ban hats from being worn in the school, no matter by whom or when.

Discussion of the issue came about Wednesday night because the automotive class had requested the board reconsider the dress code policy.

Lynn Arizzi, a SAD 44 representative to the Region 9 School of Applied Technology board, brought up the matter at the August meeting. On Wednesday, she reinforced her proposal.

“I find it most offensive when they wear them in an assembly or during awards night. They need to learn when to respect the situation,” she said.

Students and staff who work off campus, such as those in the forestry or building trades programs, are allowed to wear their caps.

Director Brenda Gammon said two of the three sending high schools also have a cap-wearing ban, Telstar in Bethel and Mountain Valley in Rumford.

Dirigo High School does not.

In other matters, student services coordinator Cheryl Ellis said enrollment stands at 180, plus another anticipated 30 truck driving students, as the school year began.

For the first time, she said students are about evenly divided among the three high schools.

Because the vocational school now provides classes for the English requirement, and with the high number of students enrolled in those classes, the board authorized hiring a third part-time English teacher.

Currently, two part-time English teachers carry a student load of 180. The most recently hired is Keveney McCrillis, a graduate of Mountain Valley High School.

Also on Wednesday, the board dealt with a couple of building maintenance and repair matters.

The board unanimously approved spending $11,680 to install a stormwater drainage system. The action was taken because of frequent clogs in the current system. Each time it must be cleared, the cost is more than $900, board Chairman Norman Clanton said.

The project is expected to begin within a few days by C.H. Stevenson of Wayne. The company had completed much of the school's construction project last year.

Clanton said the school's flooring problems were likely caused by water backed up from a clogged storm drain.

The board also approved a contract with Specialty Services Inc. of Greene for maintenance of the heating system and roofing air flow units.


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Fred Stone's picture


Their concerned about caps but allow students and staff to wear whatever they want below the head, in some cases it doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Growing Up with Etiquette

1. You don't wear hats in the house.
2. You don't wear hats at the dinner table. This carried over when going out to eat.
3. You don't wear hats indoors for special events ex. graduation ceremonies, exception graduates; awards assemblies,
4. Inside any type of religious building.
5. To and interview for a job.
6. In the classroom
There are many other situations where hats should not be worn but there were and should be exceptions.
Any type of trades areas where prevention of injury or particles getting into hair or eyes hats should be allowed to be worn. But once out
the area hats should be removed. This is how forms of etiqette can be taught. Unfortunately some adults have forgotten what they learned
and some just continually want to be rebelious and never grow up and their children will be the same. Then their are those who won't look
for middle grounds that are on boards that are to antiquated with the past that won't budge for change that can create proper etiquette
learning once again. But it also has to be taught at home also in order to be successful. I will ask for reconsideration of this vote at the
next meeting.


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