LPD makes city safer

Drug Free Zones
Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Lewiston police Officer William Rousseau, right, and Lewiston Parks and Recreation employee Ron Madore prepare to install a sign at Courthouse Plaza on Lisbon Street in Lewiston, designating it as a drug-free zone Thursday. All 26 city parks may be posted by Friday. Police bought the signs for $880, using grant money.

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John Harper's picture

Is it no GUTS or Don't Care

Why is it we have drug free zones around our cities, but not the entire city? I think there are no politicians with any guts. It sends the message you can get stoned over here, but not over there. So you fry your branin BEFORE GOING TO THE PARK!
All studies say more than 90% of all personal crime is drug related. Want to stop the house break ins? Robberies? Muggings? Make L-A (not lower Alabama or Los Angeles) DRUG FREE. Congress needs to mandate a minimum sentence for dealers... like DEATH! That works in other countries. Not here, we glorify those that destroy the fabric of our communities and country.

 's picture

A Sign

Is this like the speed zone sign at schools . 20MPH . ????? Do not do But ??


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