Sting nets 12 men on sex, assault charges

AUBURN – A dozen men have been arrested in recent weeks as a result of a police sting targeting men who frequent the Whitman Spring Road area for sex.


Brett Johnson


Glenn King


Daryl Simard


Gerard Bilodeau


Douglas Knight


Lewis Young


Richard Doucette


John Tracy Whitman


Joshua Gaudette


Kerry Eldridge


Leland Bachelder


John Tetreault

Starting in late August, undercover police officers began going to the wooded end of Whitman Spring and surrounding areas known for sexual activity. They had been advised that men were approaching strangers there and making offers of a sexual nature.

According to Deputy Chief Jason Moen, it didn’t take long for his officers to witness the activity.

“They were approached by men and conversations ensued,” Moen said. “The next thing you know, some type of indecent activity was being proposed."

Most of the 12 were arrested on Whitman Spring, a discontinued dirt road used mainly by people who walk, jog, fish or bike. Others were nabbed at the causeway rest area, next to Lake Auburn along Route 4.

Most arrests occurred in the middle of the afternoon.

For those who live nearby, the police sting was welcomed. Some said that spots meant to be used for recreation were being used by men for sexual purposes.

It’s been a particular problem for residents who bring their kids out to ride bikes or fish.

“It just turned into a real nasty area,” said Roger Cyr of Auburn. “You go down to the water and try to fish and you don’t know what you’re going to find there.”

Cyr said he has stumbled across men having sex in the woods. He has found condoms strewn across the ground. And like others, he frequently sees men parked along Whitman Spring Road, their intentions unclear.

“People walk their dogs and you see a lot of runners down there,” Cyr said.

Eleven of the men arrested are from Auburn or nearby towns. One is from Vermont. Most were charged with indecent conduct while others were arrested for unlawful sexual touching or assault.

Those charges typically result, in a police sting, from a suspect touching an officer in an unwelcome manner.

According to Moen, the undercover operation was put into motion after the department received complaints from people who witnessed sexual activity in the area or who were menaced by strangers seeking it.

“There were numerous complaints,” Moen said. “It’s been an issue for years and it continues to be a problem.”

The undercover operations will continue, he said. That, too, was given a thumbs-up by people who hope it will one day be safe to return to the area.

“It’s about time,” Cyr said. “This should be the kind of place where it feels safe to take your kid fishing or go for a walk.”

Arrested in the operation:

Brett Johnson, 46, of Sabattus, on a charge of indecent conduct, Aug. 27 on Whitman Spring Road.

Glenn King, 59, of Auburn, on a charge of assault, Aug. 27 on Whitman Spring Road.

Daryl Simard, 61, of Rumford, on a charge of indecent conduct, Aug. 27 on Whitman Spring Road.

Gerard Bilodeau, 51, of Wales, on a charge of indecent conduct, Aug. 27 on Whitman Spring Road.

Douglas Knight, 67, of Lewiston, on a charge of indecent conduct, Sept. 1 on Whitman Spring Road.

Lewis Young, 69, of West Charleston, Vt., on a charge of unlawful sexual touching, Aug 30, at the causeway rest area.

Richard Doucette, 74, of Auburn, on a charge of unlawful sexual touching, Sept. 1 on Whitman Spring Road.

John Tracy, 66, of Pittsfield, on a charge of indecent conduct, Aug. 11 at the Route 4 causeway rest area.

Joshua Gaudette, 31, of Carthage, on a charge of indecent conduct, Aug. 11 at the Route 4 causeway rest area.

Kerry Eldridge, 52, of Auburn, on a charge of unlawful sexual touching, Sept. 1 on Whitman Spring Road.

Leland Bachelder, 51, of Turner, on a charge of unlawful sexual touching, Sept. 9 on Whitman Spring Road.

John Tetreault, 43, of Auburn, on a charge of unlawful sexual touching, Sept. 9 on Whitman Spring Road.

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 's picture

sex charges

I have to wonder why people look at those sex offenders on the list for the area they live in when we have sex offenders that come from other towns and commit sex crimes.
How do you know if a sex offender is from another town and hanging around to watch kids or to commit a sex crime. I have to wonder if anyone ever thinks that other sex offenders plan to go to other towns knowing that others won't know who they are and hangs around our kids in the Lewiston/Auburn area parks.

I have to start wondeing how safe our kids are since we don't really keep track of out of town sex offenders or who they are.

 's picture


Tired: I read your comment and feel that it is easy to sit back and make judgement on a subject you have no idea about. I have observed APD do many details in the area through the years that have been written about in the Sun. You are as much problem as a cure. When you were approached did you let the police know? Probably not. Did you know before the rest stop was closed on Rt4 details were conducted by APD to stop the perverts. These places are not just picked by random, the perverts too use the internet and talk about places to meet, now maybe they will talk about how Auburn is not. The biggest thing is that the names have been in the paper over the years under disorderly or indecent exposure and the perverts have returned home and told family that they were "Peeing" and got caught. Now APD has again resorted to identifying the perverts and putting the true crime and pic in the paper. Good for them.


It is amazing as I sit and watch the budgets of both PD's get cut time and time and yet they are still able to come up with the resources to conduct these details that must take several man/woman hours. ALL YOU NEEDED TO SAY WAS THANKS.

John Harper's picture

It's about time!

A good day in Auburn! I am hoping that if this curtails this activity maybe you will open the rest/picnic area on Rt 4? Used to get take out atr the local restaurants and be able to go to Lake Auburn and 'picnic". Sadly, these guys were snacking on other things. Hope it deters such activity that has had a negative impact on the entire population (closure of the Rt 4 PICNIC AREA) for the carnal pleasures of a few. And they call themselves the discrimninated? Come now. Seems the loss of the picnic area owned and maintained by tax payers are the ones losing out due to their activity.

 's picture

These perverts would love

[This comment was removed by the administrator]

 's picture

or this

 's picture

I'm suprised no one thought

I'm suprised no one thought of this one

 's picture


Great coverage! It is amazing how people do not relate this behavior with the goal of wanting to make this life style come under the umbrella of "marriage". Special privileges given to people who find this life style OK.

 's picture

Perverted low lifes,

Perverted low lifes, sickening.

 's picture


was a teacher of mine in Lewiston, he was creepy then, even creepier now. Thank you APD for clearing out the rubbish. People should be able to ride a bike, hike, or take a nature walk without coming face to face with men performing sexual acts. Keep up the good work. I am sure these men have families that are embarrassed at this moment, for that I am sorry, but, these acts they are committing are on them and about them, not you. They made poor choices and are paying for it dearly. Hope it was worth it.

 's picture

He probably taught a cork

He probably taught a cork soaking class for winery workers.

 's picture


I was wondering about that..every time I go around the Lake you always see men sitting alone in there cars......Well I guess this just answers my question ! I thought this was odd !

 's picture

Good News!!!

There is still good news from the latest sting operation in the the Lake Auburn watershed....A new parking area has just opened for FAMILIES & recreating individuals wishing to enjoy safe access to the Whitman Spring Road & Country Way trails on the west side of Lake Auburn. Trail head parking located at Sticks & Stones of the North Auburn Road and MEN SEEKING MEN (indecent activities) are not welcomed:) as this is private property....more information and/or a parking permit available at these trails, don't let bad overcome the good!

 's picture

Dirty Harry

is mad as hell there's a new Dirty Dozen out in the woods.

RONALD RIML's picture

"All the Lonely People - Where do they All Come From?"

The Sun Journal let's us know!!!!


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