Benefits of marijuana

This is in response to the letter from Glenn Peterson, printed Aug. 19. I was very pleased to see the Sun Journal print such an open letter on the benefits of marijuana.

The ban on marijuana is very similar to the days when alcohol was prohibited. Today, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are two of society's biggest problems, yet legal.

Isn't that a double standard?

Pot is a natural plant, created by the same God that made oranges, apples, corn, tobacco, etc.

I laugh at all the hoopla (government propaganda) about pot. It is a cash cow for the DEA and local police, and is a valuable asset in their confiscation laws. They should put that effort into halting child pornography, pedophiles, corrupt government officials and the corporate crimes that have decimated the nation's economy. America would be a better place to live.

Marijuana is not a violence-inducing drug as is alcohol, and has no chemicals added to it to encourage the addiction that cigarettes cause. Pot does not cause the driving accidents that alcohol can create, either.

People like myself are afraid to speak out in favor of marijuana for fear of persecution and social recrimination, so I applaud Peterson and his letter.

Walter Preble III, Windham

Editor's note: Walter Preble III of Fryeburg is currently serving time at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham on a marijuana trafficking charge.

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not nessasary

editors note i mean

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Think twice

I see that this is and always will be an ongoing standpoint. There are some people in pain, that can't eat, have cancer, etc... that this benifits. The doctors want to snow them over with 'LEGAL' drugs that makes their blood pressure go up, their sugars go up, or their liver and stomach get eaten up. Working with people in chronic pain, they confide in me that they prefer to smoke, and feel much better when they wake up the next day with out anyside effect from Vicodin, Oxycontin, Oxycode, Morphine, etc. I don't think people understand the positive effects marijuan have on people that smoke it. They don't have that hung over feeling, and are able to move around more and better than those that are prescribed heavy narcotics. Ive never seen anyone get a DUI on this, the worst they can do is smoke till they fall asleep. No liver damage, but if they get it from the wrong people, yes lung damage is a possiblity. But just taking in our polluted air can do that too. Think twice.

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Walter Preble III, Windham...

is another pot head who wants to smoke without getting caught and paying the price.

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I wish this had a like button

I couldn't have said it any better myself!


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