Pot plants stolen from locked evidence building in Farmington

FARMINGTON — A state drug agency spokesman said early Friday that the majority of 1,029 pot plants seized Tuesday in northern Franklin County were stolen either late Tuesday or early Wednesday from a locked evidence building in Farmington.

Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, said Friday the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency would now review its policy on where plants seized as evidence are taken and stored.

Farmington police assisted by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency are investigating the theft.

Drug agents and other law enforcement worked all day Tuesday eradicating marijuana plants and searching buildings in Phillips and Township 6 North of Weld, along with an area that encompassed about 100 acres, MDEA Supervisor Gerry Baril said Wednesday.

Drug agents also arrested Tad T. Smith, 35, and his father, Joseph Smith, 64, both of Phillips, on Tuesday on one count each of felony cultivating marijuana.

The marijuana was seized during the execution of three different search warrants for various properties in Phillips and Township 6.

Both men were released from jail the same day on $500 cash bail.

The pot plants were taken to Farmington to be secured in an evidence building that the Farmington Police Department uses on Route 2. The building is not at the same location as the department offices, which are at town's municipal building, also off Route 2.


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Steve Bulger's picture


It's long past time when the cultivation, possession and casual sale of marijuana should be decriminalized. Cannabis is a naturally-occurring plant that should be utilized for its buds and leaves (medical and recreational use) and fibrous stalks (industrial use). The ongoing war against marijuana serves no purpose other than generating fines (revenue) for law enforcement and government, turning otherwise law-abiding people into criminals, and wasting monetary resources that could be better applied to other sectors of the economy. Time for the pot police to fold up their tents and find a new windmill at which to tilt.

 's picture

Plants Stolen...???

Farmington is not as big as you might think and as much as I do not particularly care for the PD I will call a spade a spade on this one and say that being as small a area as Farmington is 99 & 9/10% of the "outlaw" element knows where this said secure building is and ANYONE with a sack or lack of brains could of easily broken in and grabbed them. That being said.... KUDOS to the grabbers...there's one less case that should go to court seeing as how chain of custody and most of the evidence is now missing from the original victimless crime.

 's picture


And, they had no alarms or cameras at the site? It is like the three stooges.

Inside Job???

I wonder if some of these poorly paid officers needed some quick cash?? Sounds like and inside job to me since I assume the building is not guarded up there.


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