Start school later in year

Has it ever occurred to anyone that schools used to open a day or so after Labor Day instead of late August? If school openings could be delayed until after Sept. 6 or so, chances of a 90-plus degree heat wave would be greatly reduced, and a combination of later opening with some judicious addition of air conditioning could probably save the state millions of dollars.

That, combined with the likelihood of people being able to stay at camp until Labor Day or so, instead of having to go home and wanting to come back for that weekend, would also save a lot of gasoline.

Why not?

Harriet S. Blake, Kingfield

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Libby St Pierre's picture

Leave well enough alone

Well, I have to say the concensus in my household wants to go to school earlier and GET OUT EARLIER. If you have the luxury of going to camp during Labor Day weekend, then you have the luxury of affording the gas to get back and forth. I think all will say it is kind of a waste to go to school for 3 or 4 days, then have 3 days off, but in the end it all works out. Very unusuall to have this hot weather that we had, but look- OUR KIDS SURVIVED WITHOUT AC! My biggest complaint acutally is how my kids freeze in school because most schools can't afford to update the heating system. Leave well enough alone. I like to start my summer ASAP when the kids get out, but love to send them too befor September :)


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