Religious freedom

On Sept. 2, Jared Bristol of Hebron stated in a letter that the proposed Park 51 Islamic Community Center is “a travesty of all that is decent in this country,” and speculated that there are not “more than a handful” of moderate Muslims to be found.

To all who share Bristol’s views, I have two questions:

• How many Muslims do you know personally?

Probably not many, or people would know that not all Muslims are radical terrorists any more than all Christians are obnoxious TV preachers.

• Do you understand the concept of freedom of religion?

Again, maybe not.

In America we have the right to practice any religion, anywhere we like, in any way we see fit, as long as we’re not breaking the law. It doesn’t matter if the majority doesn’t like a certain church. We can’t make laws that say, “Don’t build that church here — move it across town.”

It’s not religious freedom if Christians have it and Muslims don’t.

You know what’s a real travesty? All the self-proclaimed “patriots” spewing hatred and bigotry in the name of the 9/11 victims; that’s what.

Mary Karren-Landry, Poland

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RONALD RIML's picture

Barb writes: "vicious hating liberals"

We do hate viciousness, Barb - and where do we hear none so more than on the daily diatribes of Fox, Rush, et al.....???

While these allege the 'Media' is liberal - yet one does not hear constant reference to "Conservatives" this and that from the MSM - as one does the constant mention and harangue of "Liberal" from your spectrum.

While you squint at the splinter in our eye, you fail to see the log in yours.

 's picture

I never said it was , but pay

I never said it was , but pay attention ok?..I just pointed out your reference to someone else mentioning religion....

RONALD RIML's picture

Here's who I listen to..... Certainly not Barb.

A New York Cop who lost his wife on 9/11 - another New York Cop, was mostly aggrieved by the fact that the new World Trade Center had not yet been built in nine years.

He had no problem with the Islamic Community Center being built in the old Burlington Coat building on Park Place.

 's picture

Barb, You don't seem to understand

the fact that while this nation may have been founded by Christians, it was never meant to be a "Christian" nation. It was founded to be a nation that was tolerant of all religions. That's why they put that "separation of church and state" thing in the Constitution. Remember that???
We all have feelings for the families of the people lost in the 9/11 attacks but the only difference between them and the people who lost family members on the Timothy McVeigh attack are that the attackers were not from this country. It's a lot easier to hate on the foreigner than it is on the "misguided" American. Focusing our anger and hatred on one particular sect or religious group is not the way to achieve peace and harmony on this planet. Admitting that there are factions within all groups whose beliefs run contrary to our own is a great first step. Realizing that all people who are of a certain belief code are not bad just because some are is a second step.
If we go with the idea that all Muslims are bad because some of them blew up the World Trade Center, then we also have to believe that all Catholics are child molesters. As for the rest of your rant, If you really read the Bible, rather than spout rhetoric, you'll see that Christ himself was one of those liberals you speak so poorly of. His father might have been a little harsh, but then Christians don't worship him, do they? He's Old Testament and Christianity is based on the New Testament, which says to love your neighbor.
You can't mix the two, old and new, without sounding like a mad man. Oh, last but not least, freedom of religion means that, should I or any one else choose not to worship the way you do, or not at all, that's OK. It doesn't mean that you can try to stuff your beliefs down our throats.
I am not a Liberal, nor am I Conservative. What I am is a person who believes that everybody should be left to their own devices until they commit an act that jeopardizes the general welfare. Then, and only then, should they be dealt with in such a manner that they never want to do it again.
Osama Bin Laden and his groupies need to be stopped, I agree. That doesn't mean that every Muslim in the country needs to be harassed based on his name. The Pope and most of the Catholic Hierarchy needs to be put in jail but that doesn't mean that all Catholics need to be harassed.
Barb, take off your blinders and look at your neighbors, the people at your local convenience store, the staff at you hospital and you'll see that there are many of them who fall into the groups of people you have condemned, yet you smile and say hello to them every day without realizing who or what they are.

RONALD RIML's picture

Are we burning Christians today, Barb......???


Perhaps that's why the silence is deafening.

RONALD RIML's picture

You can do better with your history.....

Crusades: 11th - 13th Centuries

Roman persecution of Christians, including burning in the tunica molest* - A.D. 64 through the 3rd Century

(Latin for "annoying shirt") was a shirt impregnated with flammable substances such as naphtha, used to execute people by burning in ancient Rome. The Roman emperor Nero executed some Christians in this way, according to Seneca.

Also - "In their very deaths they were made the subjects of sport: for they were covered with the hides of wild beasts, and worried to death by dogs, or nailed to crosses, or set fire to, and when the day waned, burned to serve for the evening lights."

 's picture

Great letter! Vzep, you miss

Great letter! Vzep, you miss the point.

Religious freedom

Great letter Mary- Karen Bravo tolerant America!

RONALD RIML's picture

Have they????

Try Six Million - but not in a single day.

Gott Mit Uns - God With Us

RONALD RIML's picture

Really????? Just so it fits your agenda, hey vzep....

Just so it fits your agenda, hey vzep....

RONALD RIML's picture

Nor was it a 'Religious Group' that attacked us.....

But a political one: "Al Qaeda" - that retaliated against us for security reasons.*

*Statement of Osama bin Ladin in his video of October, 2004

So it is you, Rob, who are also misrepresenting reality. As the Nazi's misrepresented their affilitation with God.


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