Facetime: The Rev. Doug Taylor on forgiveness, understanding and the redemption of Billie Coburn

Everyone knows the Rev. Doug Taylor. For 15 years, he and his wife, Sonia, have been running the Jesus Party, an outreach program that works with kids from the inner city. Taylor has also been known to ruffle feathers, chopping up copies of the Harry Potter books in Kennedy Park and going after other forms of entertainment he deems destructive.

Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor

Not everybody knows that Taylor is a former bad boy, himself, a one-time addict who turned his life around while serving jail time. So when Bro Doug heard that 18-year-old Billie Coburn, a former member of his flock, had confessed to vandalizing a cemetery, Taylor jumped into action.

How did you know Billie Coburn?

I evangelize the inner-city streets thoroughly. I found Billie like I find all the other kids, door to door. Our relationship spans a solid decade. Back in those days, we passed out candy on street corners next to Longley Elementary School. His brother and sister used to come as well. Billie, like many typical teenagers, fell away from the Jesus Party as he grew older. Over the years we stayed friendly and Billie always showed respect for my family and our ministry even when he was pressured by his peers in a group setting.

What did you think of the vandalism at Riverside Cemetery?

When I was a teenager, I did a lot of dumb things. Billie's actions were very disappointing and disturbing. I hope he will take this opportunity to redeem himself. He is on very thin ice and cannot afford to mess up. The community is watching very closely and so am I. Whatever happens in terms of punishment, I pray it does not turn out to be felony charges that could haunt him for the rest of his life (I know personally because this is the case in my life). I would like to see him deal with this now while he is a young man and not have to struggle with this later in life.

How did Billie do when he recently talked to the kids of The Jesus Party about his role in the vandalism?

You could have heard a pin drop in the room. All eyes and ears were open to Billie's story. Billie handled himself like a gentlemen. He held the newspaper story in his hand while he talked. He read his apology to the children. He encouraged children to stay out of trouble, to avoid drugs and alcohol, and stick with the advice that their parents, teachers and the Jesus Party give them. At one point in the evening a very emotional outburst took place. One of my staff members by the name of Jim Degen spoke up and walked up to Billie, nose to nose and told him how awful he thought the crime was. Jim's mother passed away nine years ago and he still is very sensitive about it. Jim told Billie and the Jesus Party kids that every tombstone, flower or flag in a graveyard is placed there by someone who loved them. Jim with a red face, shaky voice and a tear in his eye, told Billie that God loved him and would forgive him. Jim told Billie that if he really meant what he said to the kids, his life would eventually show it. Staff member Jerry Derboghosian, who is 87 years old, extended his hand of reconciliation to Billie and encouraged him to live a crime-free life. He told Billie that he was proud of him because things like this happen all the time and no one ever admits their guilt. Jerry reassured Billie that he could count on the Jesus Party for future support. There were a couple kids in the room who were familiar with him. I guess at one point they were next-door neighbors. Everyone in the room was very surprised by my special guest.

Do you believe some good can come of all this?

Yes. My simple sermon to Billie was "only good things can come from doing good."

Think you'll join dashingly handsome reporter Mark LaFlamme in Halloween celebrations this year?

You are very funny. If I do hook up with you, the last place on Earth that I'll be found with you is in a graveyard.

What do you think of this story?

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Mike  Moody's picture


well rev, we will give you a few sheets to stand on but , no soap box , you toot your horn well enough .


Run To What ?

Run to what ? To the gay lifestyle , to paganism , to an abortion doctor, to radical Islam, to waco therapists, to the atheist, to the christian compromisers, Ect.. Give me a break and help me save our children.


The Jesus Party

The Jesus Party is a nonprofit faith based organization that originated in 1994. Our message is very strong. Liberals, christian compromisers, and deils have a hard time swallowing it. We work with children because we are sick and tired of the immoral attacts against this generation. We do not want our children run over by Islam, gay's and the liberal agenda, I for one think kid's are worth fighting for. Big deal what you think of me, my enemies never liked me in the first place, and never will, and that makes it worth fighting them all the more. Bring it on!


Rev.Doug Taylors credentials

First and foremost is Matthew 19:28 " Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost". I also hold community clergy status with both St.Mary's & Central Maine Medical Center. I was a licensed minister for nine years through the North American Ministerial Association, under the leadership of Rev.Clayton Alward. I now hold credentials with the International Fellowship Of Ministries as of July 2009.Ican conduct baptisms, burials and solemize marriages. In all truth all this means very little to me because it only holds worldly value if any at all. Certificates, Fellowship cards and acknowledgements from large denominations mean nothing. I know people who are very intelligent amd have been to big schools and do nothing but rake in the money. I am not interested in money but lost souls. Thats why the press is interested in my story. I would not want to go to some big seminary that has lost it's way and believes in a sinful lifestyle. Some people do not like the fact that I get the job done and thats to bad for them.


Pride / False Pride

False pride is a sin, however I am proud to be an American and a Born Agian Christian. I am proud to have been married to the same woman for 21 years and have four beautiful children all with the same last name and same color.( I MAKE IT EASY FOR THE SCHOOL TEACHERS) Im proud to be a hard worker and not a welfare bum.(I MAKE IT EASY FOR THE TAX PAYER) I am proud to own a house in the inner-city.(I MAKE IT EASY FOR SECTION 8 HOUSING) I am proud to live downtown and wash my body with soap and water, wear clean clothes, and live absent from bugs.(I MAKE IT EASY FOR MY NEIGHBORS) I am proud I have manners and chew with my mouth closed.(I MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE AT LUNCH TIME) I am proud I am not a Bates college student, or gay ,liberal, Muslim, apostate, apathetic or liturgical.(I DO NOT MAKE IT EASY FOR DEVILS)Sorry!

 's picture

Do you earn some sort of

Do you earn some sort of Reich badge for having four white children in Lewiston these days? Being proud not to have your MDiv degree is like the unattractive girl at school who says she would never be a cheerleader because "they're stupid". Downplaying not having a broad or deep education is very telling.


I want to stay dumb!

A long time ago I wrote a letter about all the strange happenings that were occurring on the Bates campus. ( Student sitting in mud puddle protesting the war. Trying to relate to to the small barren tree's " Middle Eastern countries" and big strong trees "United States Oppressors".On one occasion a out of closet gay man who wrote a book about his experiences while hi ex wife and children support him gave a lecture. A former Bates professor Linda Williams arrested for dealing crack made the headlines. Oh ya , the speaker on "Lonely Planets" Alien life weirdo. If this is higher education , I will save my money and stay dumb!

 's picture

Stay as dumb as you please

Stay as dumb as you please then. The Lutherans you attacked recently go through four years of undergrad work before going through a long semenary candidate process followed by four years of intensive study and work to get a MDiv degree. Those you refer to as Liturgists adhere to a practice that is so old, it was carried over from the Jewish tradition. If you accuse them of singing the scripture in a derrogatory manner, then you are more anti-orthodox, but then that sounds more anti-Christian than to simply call them Liturgists, so you make up a label. Designer Christianity is more of a blight on an otherwise beautiful religion, than Orthodoxy, Catholocism, and the few, older traditions. Your brand would let you take a coorespondence course, slap a "clergy" sticker on your bumper, and call yourself just as valid as a learned theologian with years of learning, training, and experience in comparitive religion. It's so good of you too, to protect others from us Pagans. After all, look at all the abortion doctors we've killed...no, wait... those were Christians. Well, how about the Inquisitions...no, not us. The Crusades? Nope. How about the pressings and hangings in New England? Oh wait... those were innocent people accused of being us and killed by Christians. I saw a bumper sticker once that sums it all up: I love God..it's His fan club that scares me.


Four Years Of Bible Study ?

Four years of bible study and you can come up with the collusion that gay clergy is ok. As far as credentials you can see my comment above " Doug Taylors Credentials". I work with kids and I can tell you that in 16 years of ministry ,I have never been able to serve credentials for supper to the children. Credentials from some perverted Institution is useless except in scholarly circles, where degrees are collected like ball cards.

 's picture

If you distill four years of

If you distill four years of seminary into "Bible study" then you speak volumes about yourself; none of it good. It's this same kind of gumball machine self study credential that ramps up centuries of ignorance; cherry picking scripture to say what you want while dismissing anyone who says differently. Consider your meager training as one who holds the Bible up to his nose, reading the few words in front of his face. The trained theologian or minister has had years of intensive study at arms length. You have allowed your own biggoted notions to control the couple lines of scripture you see in front of your face. When you put in the time at a real institution, you are forced to view your beliefs beyond your self. Masters and Doctoral level degrees are not given lightly or traded for money. If you had ever set foot in one, you would know better.


Dumb ?

I gave a description of my family, we are all white and proud to be white. You have gay pride, and black history, so being white is great. Did I mention I am proud to be a heterosexual as well. I like beingh me, and thats ok.

 's picture

That's funny...the "last

That's funny...the "last place" we're all seen together is in the graveyard. As for the "Rev" (still waiting to see some semenary credentials) this Pagan is not a bit impressed with the circus stunts and biggotry in sheep's clothing.


You Love Me Or Hate Me

Read this comment !


Rev. Doug Taylor

I get so much press because I am the only one saying something. I am the only one willing to fight. Im the only one not worried about tithes and offerings droping off for standing for truth. Im the only one not worried about political correctness. I am the only one who is not afraid to take on militant Muslim's, Homosexual Advocates, Real witche's, White Surpremisisists, and Liberals. Silence is no longer golden it is yellow, and yellow is for cowards. Am I worried about death threats and ridicule ? Absolutely not, in this country give me liberty or give me death.

 's picture

You love me or you hate me!

September is "Suicide Awareness Month", October is "Domestic Violence Month", December is "Mom's Against Drunk Driving" Febuary is "Black History Month", and I take every opportunity I get to help children who have to struggle through this very difficult world. I spend alot of my time influencing children with biblical values, Patriotism, and deal with issues that effect children directly. I had a very troubled past and at every opportunity I want to share my story with struggleing youth. ( It's all true, I spent 3 years in the 9th grade, Im a High School drop out, Spent time in jail, experienced a troubled marriage, struggled with drugs and alcohol and slept in detox's, rehabs and homeless missions). But Jesus came into my life and saved my soul and my life changed. ( It's all true I received my G.E.D, restored my marriage, Became a home owner, became a productive employee, A good father and husband, And became a legitimate ordained minister). God changed me and choosed me, so you have to put up with me.

 's picture


Thank you for being there.


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