Elect Republicans

Insanity is when you continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Maine people are not insane, so why do they continue to elect the Democrats to the Legislature and expect improvements? Maine continues to decline.

If Maine really wanted the millions in funds that come with the “Race to the Top” program, why is it not publicized that one of the qualifications is to have charter schools? The teachers’ union opposes charter schools and the Democrats agree.

Why are Maine’s health insurance rates so high? Maine Republicans have repeatedly proposed corrective measures, only to be voted down.

For Congress, why has Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged the House to first pass legislation and read it later?

For President Barack Obama, why has he been caught on camera many times being disrespectful to our patriotic customs? Why is he suing the state of Arizona for enforcing federal laws and, at the same time, not protecting Arizona territory from Mexican criminals? Has he a racist preference when there is no prosecution of ACORN and the Black Panthers for their illegal actions?

When will the media start rendering news that does not favor President Obama and the Democrats, instead of omitting those stories?

If Islam is not supporting the terrorists, why don’t the “moderate” Muslims speak up and condemn these radicals? Non-Muslims are not afraid to speak.

Should Mainers elect Republicans in November? Absolutely.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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My line of thinking is this...DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENT. Be they Republican or Democrat or something else. Clean house and start over. No one gets re-elected.

 's picture

Vote Republican?

Why should we vote republican? Why not vote for the right person? Why not actually take some time to really think through the issues, make educated choices and exercise our righhts as thinking comitted Americans. It's not abot the parties, it's about the issues. Many of the issues would resolve themselves if people would take the time to EDUCATE themselves........................

Mark Wrenn's picture


Insanity would be returning to rule by whackadoodle ideology - after all, the current recession is a direct result of republican economic ideology. And we should go back? Talk about insanity... "Why is he suing the state of Arizona for enforcing federal laws": because it's not up to Arizona to decide which federal laws they want to enforce. Prosecute Acorn for what? Registering low income voters? And the new Black Panthers? Both of them? Seriously? I heard Obama wants to unionize Acorn, hire Muslims and Mexicans, and send them door to door to take away white people's guns!


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