Effort to bring USS JFK to Portland hits snag

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Some members of the Portland City Council are speaking against a proposal to bring the retired aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy to Maine where it would become a floating museum.

The council did not take a vote on the proposal at its Monday meeting, but several city leaders, including Mayor Nicholas Mavadones Jr., spoke against the idea.

The Portland Press Herald quotes Councilor Dory Waxman as saying the vessel is "just too big."

Portland is one of two finalists to be given control of the 1,052-foot ship, which was decommissioned three years ago. The other is in Rhode Island.

Richard Fitzgerald of the USS John Kennedy Museum says if Portland doesn't take the ship, the Navy will sell it for scrap.

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 's picture

What if?

Were you asking me?

I am not bitter. I am a realist! I am saddened by what has been going on here in this state. It is very difficult to come here and work and raise a family. Having "lived" outside of Maine I know that the truth is there are many nice places that offer much more in the way of opportunities to live, work, and play... especially with kids!!!!!!

Rural Maine?? sure that is a life style choice.. I guess you are not going to move to boston and expect the same quality of life as living IN rural Maine..

But I think "most" people are pretty average.. they wasnt decent housing, a decent job, and an opportunity to raise a family in a community they like.. And that is where Maine is hurting..

Aside from the outdoors (provided you dont mind winter) there is not a whole heck of a lot to do here.

It a little weak.... but believe it or not having something like that aircraft carrier would be really cool.. it would something I could take the kids to go see and when friends visit me from out of state I could take them... usually they spend most of time asking me why I chose to live here :(

but in the end its not that I dont like Maine.. I love Maine and it frustrates me to no end to see what is being done..

right now 1 out 3to 4 people is on welfare! These are not just Mainers falling on hard times looking for a lift UP... these are people who calculated their move to Maine because of our generous welfare system..

 's picture

why am I not suprised :(

Normally I would like to just add that it would really be a cool thing to have here in Maine. It would be fun for kids and adults to visit it and learn about it.. I can’t believe Portland would not want it....

However I am just too frustrated with people who call themselves leaders yet they have no vision and no solutions...

I moved here from outside of Maine and I cannot believe how the leaders and voters in this state are running it into the ground.

Unless it is part of some ultra Liberal Agenda it gets NO support here. You turn away business but yet you welcome welfare!...... and CRIME! take a look at the crime rate folks.. Things are getting worse.. Maine is always being touted as having low crime.. Maybe we should divide Portland up into several zip codes so we can see what is really going on there.. I don’t think the low crime rate of aroostic county has any effect on some of those areas in Portland that are growing and getting worse!!

No need for working middle class families to move here and raise a family here... you don’t want us! You want illegal immigrants, criminals, drug addicts, anyone who doesn't want to work, Cant and wont speak English, and those who will never assimilate... and kids! you must have at least 3 (preferably more) illegitimate kids... who need medication and suffer from add/adhd.. and maybe I can bring my aunt with me who needs some money too.. and then you can pay me to take care of them all.. which I should be doing anyways!!! FOR FREE!

Right now garnering support is a ballot initiative to allow non us citizens to vote! How awesome! YES!! go Maine! Go Portland! Do it baby! .. please let every visitor here in this country know that while they are here visiting they can come to Portland and VOTE... wow... Like we don’t already have enough problems..

I can only imagine what the mayor is really thinking...... Hmmm “An aircraft carrier is just a symbol of war and American Imperialism"... "we liberal Mainers don’t want that kind of stuff".. And while we are at it lets remove the American Flag from schools... Kids should be educated and not indoctrinated.

 's picture

are you kidding me?

Too big? Would that be as in too big a tourist draw? Bring this to Portland and it will instantly become an international tourist attraction. Lets see, how many cruise liner companies would instantly tout that in their destination brochures?! Perhaps its time for Portland to elect people who aren't afraid of thinking outside the box.

 's picture

Take the USS Constellation

Take the USS Constellation instead. It's smaller, needs less work, and would take less to maintain.

 's picture

I assumed you meant the Constitution...

And the system wouldn't let me edit my own post. Tell me about the Constellation.

 's picture

CV64, a Kittyhawk class

CV64, a Kittyhawk class carrier was overhauled back in '90 and put back into service. She served in Vietnam, and Desert Storm and is currently left to rot in Washington. Connie was the largest conventional carrier in the fleet.

 's picture


Old Ironsides is the official headquarters of the First Naval District, based in Boston. Can't be moved.


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