Maine bear hunter attacked, hospitalized by quarry

TOWNSHIP 5 RANGE 7, Maine (AP) — A Maine bear hunter is recovering from injuries suffered when he was attacked by a 300-pound bear he was hunting with dogs.

The Bangor Daily News says 37-year-old Ryan Shepard of Shin Pond was hunting with three friends and dogs on Monday when he was bitten in the arm and leg in the unincorporated area of Penobscot County in northern Maine known by its map coordinates Township 5 Range 7.

Officials say Shepard's injuries were not life threatening.

Monday was the first day of Maine's bear-hunting season with dogs.

Deborah Turcotte of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says that before he was bitten, Shepard fired his weapon at the bear after it charged past the dogs, mortally wounding it.


Information from: Bangor Daily News,

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 's picture

Tree huggers are CLUELESS~

Tree huggers are CLUELESS~ ,get out of your chair's,and try all 3 ways to hunt bear for your freezer(YUMMMMMY!) and see which is easier........ :-D

 's picture

how about this

May I suggest to anyone that think baiting or using dogs is not sporting to try doing it. Not with a guide but a do it yourself hunt.

 's picture

Very, very few people hunt

Very, very few people hunt bear without bait or dogs. I don't really see what the problem is or what that has to do with him getting bit.

 's picture

If you don't want to play

If you don't want to play fair, you deserve to get bit.

RONALD RIML's picture

Bear-baiting has it's own rewards......

Bear-baiting has it's own rewards......

 's picture

How does one get hospitalized

How does one get hospitalized by a quarry? Did this reporter graduate from high school or take any grammar classes? Are there any editors that work at the Sun Journal?

 's picture

The headline is supported by

The headline is supported by AP Stylebook guidelines.

 's picture

AP Stylebook guidelines

My high school grammar teacher would still make ask the question, "How does one get hospitalized by a quarry?" Grammar does count.

RONALD RIML's picture

The act of hunting implies one's 'Quarry'

Keep it up and we may plumb the depths of your cranial quarry.....

 's picture

Because adding "His" before

Because adding "His" before quarry would detract from the headline.

 's picture

As a hunter, I've never had

As a hunter, I've never had anything good to say about people who bait bear or use dogs. I guess Ryan found out he wasn't chasing a bunny.


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