Libby Mitchell releases job plan

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Libby Mitchell has released a job-creation plan for Maine that includes green-energy investments, help for small businesses that face laying off employees and borrowing for critical transportation, infrastructure and research and development.

AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach

In this Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2010 photo, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Libby Mitchell responds to questions during an interview at her campaign headquarters in Augusta.

The plan Mitchell released Monday calls for an economic council that would identify promising opportunities for economic growth. It would bring together business, education and government to get the job done, she said. Economic development funds would focus on sectors of Maine business that are succeeding in leveraging the state's competitive advantage, such as composites, biotechnology and tourism, Mitchell said.

She also calls for a "Farm and Bait to Plate" program requiring that at least 25 percent of the food served in Maine schools, prisons and other state facilities be locally grown or harvested. It also encourages Maine-grown food in day cares, hospitals and nursing homes.

In addition, Mitchell, the current state Senate president, proposed an expansion of the Seed Capital Tax Credit, which encourages investments in eligible Maine businesses, directly and through private venture capital funds.

Saying Maine small businesses and entrepreneurs lack management-level experience, Mitchell said she would work to enact a Management for Maine program to promote management and training skills.

Mitchell presented her proposals Monday, the same day as Republican rival Paul LePage unveiled his own job-creation strategy.

Among LePage's ideas is an "EZ Pass" strategy that would speed up new business requests and snip red tape and regulations that he believes throw up roadblocks. He also wants to build on educational reforms with a "Learn to Earn Program" that would allow students to begin earning college credits while in high school and put more emphasis on training in technical fields.

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This person has been in the

This person has been in the Legislature for quite some time including leadership positions and the has not had an effect on making Maine a more livable State; what makes anyone of us believe she will magically change because she is Governor. Wake up people and clean house in Augusta. It is time for a major change in personnel at the State House beginning with the Governor and extending to the House and Senate.

 's picture

So, Mitchell wants to borrow

So, Mitchell wants to borrow money to "create" jobs the same way Obama claims he's "created" jobs? Well, since it's working so well on the fed level, why not put the state further in debt to do a whole lot of nothing?

 's picture

Really? I believe your taxes

Really? I believe your taxes went down as well, didn't they? Oh, let me guess, you hated Bush so much you sent back your tax check...didn't think so. Besides, I have no problem cutting taxes for the rich as I've yet to get a job from a poor person.

RONALD RIML's picture

Poor people have kept plenty of Police and Jailers in jobs.....

More wealthy criminals tend to keep the FBI and IRS end of Law Enforcement employed....

RONALD RIML's picture

Look what borrowing did for Ronnie RayGun and Bush I & II -

It allowed them to cut taxes so much that the Republicans have put them up for Sainthood.......

Paul McGuire's picture

born native

No matter where we wind up, it seems we Mainers never really leave home. It must be the air and water. In your case, I suspect it might have been that good old Mexico town water your parents drank throughout their childhood. I don't agree with your characterization of Libby Mitchell, and I sense too much bitter and too little sweet in your memories of leaving Maine, but you are as entitled to weigh in on the issues faced by Mainers as any of us.
FYI, as you had hoped some years ago, whenever I play a piccolo tune, hear good jazz or trumpet I think of him.

 's picture

Oh oh...the conspiracy

Oh oh...the conspiracy theories are a flutter. Geez tron maybe the SJ was in a secret "war room" planning the demise of Mitchell.


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