Levesque will bring change

On Nov. 2, I will vote for real change for Maine and our nation.

It's time to replace the same-old with someone new and refreshing for our representative in Congress. Jason Levesque is who we need to bring real change in Washington.

America is off the tracks right now. Re-electing Mike Michaud would not help us get back on track, but might help the left drive America off the cliff.

Mainers didn't send Michaud to Washington to be in the pocket of the far-left liberal movement. We sent him to represent us with making independent decisions for all of us. His vote on the stimulus pork bill and unpopular make-believe health care reform bill prove that he is unfit to represent his constituents here in Maine.

We must send the jokers who are running our nation a message on Nov. 2 by electing someone new and refreshing.

Dennis Arsenault, South Paris

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Of course not. Now McConnell thinks we can keep tax cuts for the rich at a cost of $4trillion over the next decade, and pay for it with $300 billion in spending cuts. That's your GOP math right there.

Levesque for congress

Right all we need is a right wing zealot from the "just say no" party


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