Family finds skull near old cemetery

MADISON, Maine (AP) — A Maine woman on an outing to an old cemetery in the town of Madison says she "freaked out" when she realized what she thought was a coconut turned out to be a human skull.

Ann Chesley was taking her boyfriend's two children to the cemetery on East Madison Road recently so she could teach them some history.

But 9-year-old Dakota Webb and 11-year-old Devon Webb of Showhegan found the skull.

Town officials say the skull is probably 200 years old.

Chesley took the skull to the Somerset County sheriff's office.

Lt. Carl Gottardi tells the Kennebec Journal it appears an animal dug up the skull, but it wasn't suspicious.

The skull will be reburied.


Information from: Kennebec Journal,

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Audrey Alcala's picture

If an animal had dug up the

If an animal had dug up the skull...there would be evidence at one of the grave sites...correct? I would think they would do a bit more of an investigation to be 100% sure where this skull came from. And to just re-bury it? Find out whom it belongs to for goodness sakes!!

 's picture

Oh My, What if there are

Oh My, What if there are bodies there?
A full investigation should be conducted immediately


I hope the Lt. is right but this certainly sounds very suspicious to me. If that is the case, seems like there must be more bones somewhere.


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