People lean toward media bias

I'd like to respond to George Jones' letter about lies in the media (Sept. 8).

There are as many TV programs that discuss "how" the news is covered as "what" the news is.

Up until several years ago, I rarely heard the term "media bias" in conversations. Since Fox News has become so popular, I hear it all the time. It's almost like people can't form their own opinions. They like to repeat what was said on a very popular TV show. The latest term you hear is "Obama is a socialist" (from Glenn Beck).

Sure enough, the latter part of Mr. Jones' letter says it's wrong for the media to denigrate Fox News, Glenn Beck, etc.

I have no problem if a network is from the left or right, as long as they're up front about it. Fox seems so phony, calling itself "fair and balanced."

Bill O'Reilly's show is the most popular. It opens with two commentaries from people on the right (along with O'Reilly's comments). It isn't until he has a guest on that the other side gets their say.

People are going to watch the programs that already lean toward their opinions. Then they will point out comments that back up their own arguments.

John Henry, Topsham

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 's picture

Under Obama the CBO reports

Under Obama the CBO reports that Obama's 2011 budget will cause 10 trillion dollars in budget deficits over the next 10 years. In 2010 the debt will raise to 90% of GDP. A forty percent increase from 2008. These figures are facts from the liberal Washington Times. Makes Bush look like a conservative spender.

RONALD RIML's picture

Sure, Barb - Washington Times is Liberal - WTFO???

Now are you going to have the grace and dignity to correct yourself, Barb???

"The political views of The Washington Times are often described as conservative.[24][25][26] The Washington Post reported: "the Times was established by Moon to combat communism and be a conservative alternative to what he perceived as the liberal bias of The Washington Post."[4] In 1994 Reed Irvine, chairman of Accuracy in Media, a conservative media watchdog group, said: "The Washington Times is one of the few newspapers in the country that provides some balance."

The Times was read every day by President Ronald Reagan during his terms in office.[27] In 1997 he said:

The American people know the truth. You, my friends at The Washington Times, have told it to them. It wasn't always the popular thing to do. But you were a loud and powerful voice. Like me, you arrived in Washington at the beginning of the most momentous decade of the century. Together, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. And—oh, yes—we won the Cold War.[28]"

24.^ Hall, Mimi (2001-03-22). "Bush, aides boost access of conservative media". USA Today. Retrieved 2009-07-25.
25.^ Glaberson, William (1994-06-27). "The Media Business; Conservative Daily Tries to Expand National Niche". The New York Times. Retrieved 2009-07-25.
26.^ New business models for news are not that new, Nikki Usher, Knight Digital Media Center, 2008-12-17, "And the Washington Times' conservative stance pursues its agenda from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church."
27.^ Behind the Times Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting August/September 1987
28.^ Dear Leader's Paper Moon The American Prospect 2005-09-19

RONALD RIML's picture

They're more than 25 years too late.....

Reagan began the massive spending orgy back in the 80's. Figured we had a longer line of credit than the Soviet Union and outspent them which the arms race.

Of course, he also brought us Voodoo Economics with the 'Trickle Down' Economy that didn't.....

Clinton had a surplus because the economy boomed and his tax cut was actually paid for; unlike those of Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II.

RONALD RIML's picture

Gil - even more despicable than an alleged racist....

He attacks other's military service without proof to back it up. OK - No surplus, but reduced debt as percentage of Gross Domestic Product.

So you provided no proof of what you stated, eh Gil?? Of course not. Here's the link: -

Clinton decreased debt 9.7% yearly GDP.

Reagan raised it 20.6% GDP, Bush I raised it 15% GDP, and Bush II raised it 27.1% of GDP.

And you Tea-Tards "Want Your Country Back?" You have nothing by a history of mismanagement!! Bwa-haa-haa-haaa!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

You could put it simpler with citing your research...

But the only time you ever did that, Gilliam, was to tell me to watch a particular time slot on a VHS. Why not include a web link, with a quote?

You may notice that I've admitted my mistakes here. You? Never. Nada. Not once. That tells us a bit about you. And the fact that you've never referenced your statements.

You may start with your allegation about Clinton. Clock's ticking, Gilliam.

RONALD RIML's picture

IOW you can't back up what you say... That's shows.

You've obviously never had to cite your own research; just throw out garage and see what sticks.


RONALD RIML's picture

[This comment has been

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

well done, Barb; well done.

well done, Barb; well done.

 's picture

what is biased?

Biased news channels are any ones that "you" don't agree with. The news channels "you" agree with are the only credible news stations. This applies to everyone.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

But, T... how do you know

But, T... how do you know what they say isn't true? What do you have to measure it against; Jon Stewart? Katy Couric? Larry King? David Letterman? Bill Maher? I mean, c'mon, man, be realistic.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Whammo!! Beam me up again,

Whammo!! Beam me up again, Scottie.

 's picture

The problem Conservative worldview is defective

Presented with simple objective facts, conservative deny, deny, deny. They live in a fantasy world of spirits where the laws of nature can be changed by a whim. Look at Paul LePage. Faced by the well established fact that he gamed the system to save himself tens of thousands of dollars in college costs, his answer was a well considered expletive.
His only qualification for Governor is that he's an expert is selling junk at Marden's and gaming the welfare system. When you look out at Portland harbor he wants you to see a sea of derricks and oil platforms. When you go swimming at OOB, he wants you to take plenty of detergent to wash off the tar balls. When you look down from Katadin he wants you to see nothing but dirt, no trees, no wildlife while will make the Wind Turbines stretching as far as the eye can see more visible. And he wants all of us to have good jobs paying $8/hr. No social security, no medicare, no FED, no Department of Education, no SSI, no Department of Commerce, no DEP, and no BEP, no government intervention in the family, no DHHS. But just as the census requires 100's of thousands of temporary workers. He has many ideas for new government jobs like the pregnancy police who will follow through every day to make certain every pregnancy goes to full term and those dinosaur assistants who feed (no trees no natural food) and care for all those dinosaurs the kids ride on.
A vote for Cutler is a vote for LePage. A vote for LePage is a vote to make the poor and working people of Maine poorer and the rich richer.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And Libby Mitchell will solve

And Libby Mitchell will solve all of Maine's problems after she spent the last 36 years participating in the process of creating all of them. Is that it, jalb?

 's picture


Next thing you know there will be a Republican running for a federal office who thinks there are mice running a round with human brains!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Parrot sez, "Hey, that's

Parrot sez, "Hey, that's heavy s**t, man!!!

 's picture

why don't you

change the channel if you are so afraid of the truth? What channel is your idea of "hard" news? are you Katie Couric fans, lil, tron and company??? baa, baa.....

RONALD RIML's picture

And what books and magazines are your reading, Mom??

I hope, unlike Sarah the Palin, you can actually answer that.... ;)

RONALD RIML's picture

Do ya wanna live in the stockyards???

Night-time reading now two volumes Short Stories of Somerset Maugham; Bible by my armchair is the Viking Studio printing of the Ltd Ed Pennyroyal-Caxton Press (Barry Moser illustrated) - I wish I could afford an original but the $13,000 is about what LePage saved on tuition by claiming his daughters were Florida residents. Bet you didn't know I owned any.

Living in a book shop is absolute heaven - satellite is out while the roofers are working, I didn't mind but wife is going nuts.

BTW - those obstructionist rules are why life is not so miserable as having slaughter-house offal et al in your ground water and next door, along with many other pains in the butt. Read 'The Jungle' for impetus in re 'Pure Food and Drug Act'

RONALD RIML's picture

Most 'Code' books are 'Boilerplate' -

Very little new under the sun unless there are unique circumstances in a particular jurisdiction.

I alternate between heavy and lighter reading. Opted for the short stories this go around as I could complete one before I turned the lights out. Maugham's an interesting author; trained as an M.D, he never practiced, was sort of a 'spy' - wrote quite a bit about the East (which I also appreciate) Last book was heavier stuff on British-French conflict in Middle East (Egypt) and India and how collecting of relics (looting) was integral to imperialism - now viewed as archeological treasures. The Louvre vs. British Museum. Interestingly enough, it was an Italian circus strongman, Giovanni Belzoni, who was one of the most successful treasure hunters.

My wife is an absolute Dear; I cook, she gardens, and we live in paradise with two dogs and two cats. Occasionally we even sell a book... ;)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Living in the bookshop while

Living in the bookshop while the 18 room, 8 bedroom, 7 bathroom bungalow is bein built? 0O:)

RONALD RIML's picture

Keep dreaming!!!!

I've got a 'Tree-House' apartment on the second storey while the first is jammed with books. But that does give me water views which I would otherwise have to get in the basement after a monsoon....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

LOL...roger that. I get to

LOL...roger that. I get to see Mt. Washington on a clear winter's day, but I think a water view would be preferable, being a pirate and all.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Are you kidding? I can't get

Are you kidding? I can't get him to wear any, although he does like to wear ONE on his head after he's been into the catnip.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The left thinks Jon Stewart

The left thinks Jon Stewart is their guru of the news, never realizing that he's a comedian, and a lousy one at that. Dennis Miller would eat him for lunch and then steal his lunch.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You are spot on, KD. Well

You are spot on, KD. Well said.

 's picture


The 55 jobs created in LA, are those new or saved government employee's jobs? How much of that money do you think was spent for services contracted out (hint, private employment)? And where do you get your numbers from? Mattel?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It's out there. Check it out

It's out there. Check it out for yourself. I did.

RONALD RIML's picture

And all bills are signed by the President, Forget that, Barb?

And all bills are signed by the President, Forget that, Barb? As all budgets are presented by the President.

Big Tax Cuts under Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II - touted as such by the very same administrations - and very large deficits under the same administrations. Clinton, however, ran a surplus, albeit small, during his administration.

It's all right here:


 's picture


and some people are born Fox News fools, right Boob?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Now let me see, you name

Now let me see, you name called Barb Boob? So, what should we call you? How about, Lilly-Nilly?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

T, ol' buddy, ol' pal....If

T, ol' buddy, ol' pal....If so many Americans dislike FOX News, why do they continuously eat everyone else's lunch in the Ratings? No one even comes close to them in ratings. Someone must like them.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"when it comes to mainstream

"when it comes to mainstream news, they're scraping the bottom of the dung heap in the cellar." And, you got that little bit of information from where; Media Matters? The very term "mainstream news" defines what you get from the alphabet channels. They give you what they "feel" you ought to have, whereas, FOX gives you what's actually out there; like it or not. I tried watching Wolfy Blitzer's "Situation Room" the other night. That mother is just absolutely nauseating.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Excellent point; momof4...I

Excellent point; momof4...I want someone to step up and defend the creating/saving of 55 jobs jobs in Los Angeles at a cost $111 million. (The sound of crickets can be heard in the background).


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