Wind turbine ordinance passes overwhelmingly

PHILLIPS — Residents voted 32-9 on Thursday to adopt an ordinance that allows the town to govern where wind turbines are located in town, interim Town Manager Elaine Hubbard said Friday.

The ordinance, which is effective immediately, sets guidelines for the turbines for both commercial and residential use.

Voters adopted a six-month moratorium on wind turbine installations in February to allow time for the Planning Board to develop an ordinance to govern them.

There was good discussion from both sides of the issue at the special town meeting, Hubbard said.

“Members of the Planning Board worked very hard on this ordinance and very professionally. They sought outside sources in order to gain information in order to make sure this ordinance is correct and appropriate for the town of Phillips,” she said.

The board established a formula to figure out how far a turbine, depending on sound level, safety and other factors, would have to be from a property line. A turbine with a maximum sound level of 70 decibels must be 211 feet from a property line. One with a maximum level of 115 decibels must be 37,584 feet, or about 7.1 miles, from a property line, according to the formula.

Planning Board member Dain Trafton, who has done a lot of work on wind power, has been asked to speak on local and commercial wind power during the Androscoggin Valley Council of Government's Planning Day on Oct. 21 in Auburn, Hubbard said.

That's a big honor, she said.

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 's picture

Use the Planning Board

Why didn't we think of that??

 's picture


Good for Phillips. Lincoln should have found out the facts instead of grabbing the tax dollars to blow. Only 2 councillors would look into it . The others just wanted money to spend foolishly and did not care about the health of the citizens or if the wind claims were complete exaggerations or outright LIES. If I have to sell my camp for pennies on the dollar I will move to Phillips or Dixmont where citizens still have rights.

 's picture

Good for Phillips!

Congratulations to the community of Phillips for approving this ordinance. You have chosen to value your community and the well being of all its citizens over corporate interests. I especially admire the effort of the Planning Board to include the work of acoustics expert Robert Rand. This ordinance, along with the one adopted by Dixmont, should be models for all communities to consider before the country side in Maine gets over-run by these sprawling and noisy industrial wind power projects.

 's picture

Home rule at its best...

This is a wonderful testament to how citizens can work together to direct the future of their town and protect their natural resources and their residents. I know that hours of hard work went into the drafting of this ordinance, and those involved should be commended, as should all those who came out to vote on Thursday night.

Mr. Trafton will do a great service to all when he speaks to AVCOG on Planning Day.

Congratulations to all for showing Mainers what can be accomploshed when we work together.

Karen Pease
Lexington Twp., Maine


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