McGrew, Patrick for Maine

The Maine League of Conservation Voters rates the votes of each legislator on environmental legislation: Sawin Millett at 40 percent and Jarrod Crockett at 30 percent. 

John Patrick, Millett’s opponent, was rated 80 percent on environmental issues in 2007-08.

Specifically, Crockett voted against a bill for weatherization of Maine residences and businesses, which increases both employment and energy efficiency. Crockett and Millett opposed a bill to recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs. Both voted to abolish the Land Use Regulation Commission, which manages land use in a systematic manner for unorganized territories, including much of Maine’s North Woods.

Crockett voted against the budget, which was a compromise of Republicans and Democrats. With Libby Mitchell’s capable leadership, both sides compromised to pass a balanced budget.

If you care about our environment, good air, clean water and preservation of wildlife, look to Chad McGrew and John Patrick, instead.

Jane Chandler, Bryant Pond

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Glad to see the caption on

Glad to see the caption on this letter got corrected for the on-line version!


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