Michaud hasn't earned re-election

Mainers in the 2nd Congressional District will decide between Mike Michaud 
and Jason Levesque this Nov. 2. 

I could take this opportunity to assail Michaud’s voting record and emphasize how Levesque is the polar opposite, but I won’t. That’s not what’s important to me.

What’s important to me is that Jason listens to those he wants to represent. I've sent several e-mails to Michaud’s office over the years.

“Have you read the health care bill, Congressman?” I asked. As a constituent, I had a right to know — but all I got was silence … for months.

Michaud has lost his sense of accountability to the people he represents, and we deserve better.

Jason has been all over the state listening to Mainers. He wants to be accountable to us, not to the establishment in Washington far-removed from our lives.

Jason exudes a sense of responsibility for Mainers that Michaud has lost; I want that back in Washington.

Tim Lajoie, Lewiston

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 's picture

Well, I am many things,

Well, I am many things, sir...but I am no liar. I also have worked every day since I was 16, served my country voluntarily for four years, and have never been convicted of crime. My work background is very similar to yours...I served in the public safety sector for over 18 years making my community a better place...so what's your point? We disagree. So what? That doesn't make me a liar and I never bad-mouthed anyone. I never said Michaud wasn't a good man...but what I wrote is true. As for my identification...it's not my fault the Sun-Journal has disabled that link...John Pronovost. You can find the town yourself. And you may be surpised in November to find that I am VERY representative of Maine. Regards, John

 's picture

I can't speak to the posters

I can't speak to the posters perspective but I can tell you this...I called his office three weeks after the first vote on the health care bill was postponed and asked if he had read it and his office said, "I don't know." I thought it was funny they couldn't answer that...since he was prepared to cast a vote on it. I asked them to ask Michaud and I would call back...which I did--for three weeks. I heard nothing from them and never got an answer, either. So I asked Michaud myself at the Buckfield parade. He never answered 'yes' when I asked him to his face if he read it. I read that bill myself and I asked him questions about specific pieces of it. He looked like a deer in the headlights. He doesn't have a clue about that bill. He voted the way he was told...ala Nancy Pelosi. Line up behind him if you want, but I want more than that from my representative.

 's picture

Is that a strange question to

Is that a strange question to ask? What does that have to do with Fox News? You don't think our congressional representatives should read legislation that affects the lives of millions of people before voting on it?

 's picture

“Have you read the health

“Have you read the health care bill, Congressman?” I take it Tim has watched to much Fox News and was never planning on voting for Mike Michaud in the first place.

RONALD RIML's picture

Do nothing???

Evidently he's done enough to get your goat....

And that's enough.


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