Keep American jobs in the U.S.

I just read about the General Electric light bulb factory closing in Winchester, Va., and workers getting paid an average of $30 an hour (Sept. 10).

It is strange how workers think factories can pay those kinds of wages and stay in business here. I just hauled some car part molds to Mexico. Hopefully, that will help their unemployment situation.

I make around $25 an hour on my job driving a truck. There are people working in government who may send, maybe someday, a million of these jobs to Mexico. People working for our government are doing this.

Not one politician is fighting against these jobs going to Mexicans or any jobs in this country going there. Vote for who, you say? We must have someone to vote for who will first tell Mexico to lift the tariffs — or else. Then, they have to make it clear that American workers will work for a normal wage and that no more jobs are leaving this country.

Our best bet would be to stop hoping for something that is not coming, and save every penny we can because it will be a lot worse when the time comes to repay our huge debt with no way to pay it.

I bet politicians are thinking jobs will come back. Tax dollars will once again flow in and all will be just fine.

I will vote for the one who is oblivious to the facts and who puts together the best fairy tale.

Robert Hemingway, North Anson

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RONALD RIML's picture

Candice; do you have the 'papers' for your first one over??

I do. He was legal; immigrated 1881, naturalized 20 Oct, 1888.

And yours??

RONALD RIML's picture

Simply asked about the first.

You keep talking about others. Essentially your side of the aisle appears preoccupied with the legality of the first one - so that's why I asked. Otherwise it boils down to what you have done - not others.

RONALD RIML's picture

No Mexicans need apply???

No Mexicans need apply???

RONALD RIML's picture

Got an anchor tied to yer butt, Conserva-Mom??

Leave!! Have no fear that your job will be filled.

RONALD RIML's picture

It was your - not my - hypothetical that all taxpayers would

leave the state of Maine. So I asked what was keeping you here.

Obviously Maine taxes aren't high enough to drive you away.

RONALD RIML's picture

Your question of all taxpayers leaving then a moot hypothetical.

Your question of all taxpayers leaving then merely a moot hypothetical.

And you wondered why no one saw fit to answer? It was completely illogical.

 's picture

There are several factors at

There are several factors at play here. One factor is that American workers expect a living wage. Anyone who thinks that minimum wage is a living wage, I would suggest that you get off your thinker and take a minimum wage job and see exactly what quality of living you have. I wonder how long you would last. Also for those who suggest that it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of our families (with which I wholeheartedly agree) see just how well you can take care of your family on one or two full-time minimum wage jobs (the vast majority of which come with no benefits whatsoever). While you're suggesting that people should work multiple jobs, then don't at the same time suggest that they need to stay home and parent their kids. It doesn't work that way. If both parents (if they're lucky enough to have two parents) are working two jobs just to pay the bills )and I'm not talking buying wide screen tvs, video games, fancy cars, etc.-think about how much two, full-time minimum wage earners are going to bring home (in Maine, the gross would be $600/week). When you subtract rent, transportation, food, etc. there's not going to be much left.

Okay, so that brings us to the second factor-it we pay American workers a living wage (with a Master's degree. 35 years experience, and working in a professional field, I gross $18.70/hr)-how many products do you think we'll actually be able to afford. As an example, because I work in a professional field, I need to dress professionally. I would love to buy American made dress shirts. First, there are very few people making them, and secondly with the few that do, they cost about $80-120 each. Other than a well paid American seamstress or tailor made them, there's not a whole lot of difference between those $80-120 shirts and the one's I buy for $17-20, but which are made in places like UAE and Sri Lanka. The American people DEMAND affordable (read-inexpensive) goods. That means companies have had to move off shore to produce them inexpensively so their costs can be kept down. I could no more afford one $80 shirt than I could a closet of them. Even though I work in the professional world, I end up, as a result of my work, getting dirty quite often.

Somewhere, in my land of dreams, I believe that there's a happy medium. I decry the loss of manufacturing in this country. I worry that the time may come where we are so dependent upon other countries for our goods that we will be held politically or economically hostage. I don't have the answer. I do understand the problem, but sitting here and wringing our hands about it isn't the answer. Someone's got to start working on it. NONE, not one, of the current crop of politicians, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Libertaria (especially not the TP and Libertarians) has any kind of talking point, let any plan of substance, on this issue.

This constant name calling and finger pointing, something more at home on the kindergarten playground than in a rational discussion, accomplishes NOTHING! There has to be open dialogue with the political ideologies and dogma set aside. The social programs are not the problem. The illegal immigrants are not the problem (they're only doing the jobs nobody else wants to do). Obamacare is not the problem (there are other countries with universal health care where manufacturing and technological r & d are humming right along). It's the inertia created by the CONSTANT bickering between the ideologs of both political parties, but more and more the conservatives than anyone else. Remember, it was George Herbert Walker Bush who signed NAFTA. If you don't believe it-look it up.

RONALD RIML's picture

CEO's and Corporate Boards are sending the jobs to Mexico.

Government doesn't have the power to do this.


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