Jenkins shut out of two debates

LEWISTON — John Jenkins said Tuesday that he'd been excluded from at least two gubernatorial debates, an issue that could make his write-in candidacy even more daunting than it already is.

Jenkins, a former mayor of Auburn and Lewiston, declared his write-in candidacy on Sept. 17, the filing deadline, according to the state's Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions.

Jenkins said that he'd asked to participate in at least two debates, one held at Spectrum Generations in Waterville on Tuesday and another scheduled for Saturday and televised by WGME Channel 13. 

Tom Humpage, the station manager for WGME, confirmed that Jenkins wouldn't be invited to Saturday's debate. He said only candidates who will be listed on the Nov. 2 ballot would participate.

Jenkins' inability to get into debates could hurt a Blaine House bid that's already considered a long shot. The former mayor has said his campaign is largely dependent on his Internet presence since it hasn't had time to generate money for advertising.

Despite the setback, Jenkins said he was hopeful his "groundswell of support" would persuade debate organizers to allow him to participate.

"They've got the tiger by the tail now," said Jenkins, who currently works as a motivational speaker.

According the Bureau of Corporations and Elections, Jenkins is one of four write-in candidates. Edwin Braley of Portland, Beverly Cooper-Pete of Standish and Martin Vachon of Mariaville have also declared their candidacies.

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 's picture

He has his facebook

He has his facebook popularity thing that he was supposed to be using to determine if he would even do the write-in. He didn't get the people to sign-on as his buddies he said he would have to have to do this and he did it anyway. Is there a place to go to say we want him to pullout and go away and let us have our election in peace without all this extra unnecessary drama? We have a lot of problems here in Maine we need to be focusing on in this election and this man's ego isn't one of them. It would help if the media would stop wasting airtime, print and web space on him and his foolishness and focus on the important issues and legitamate candidates who are focusing on issues. The same can be said about were Ann LePage lives, it isn't relevant especially since she has publically been living in Florida for years.

 's picture

bad move

i like jenkins and i think he'd do alot for Maine but this write in thing is a bad move. not only will he not win but this will kill his chances at making a real go at it in 4 years.

Excluding Jenkins

Good for them, if JJ was to lazy to get on the ballot he's getting what he deserves!


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