LePage's wife gets tax order

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage says a formal notification that his family owes $1,400 in back taxes in Florida opens the door to resolving the matter.

LePage acknowledges his wife Ann got a letter from a property appraiser in Volusia County, Fla., after she improperly received a permanent-resident tax credit on her home there.

LePage previously said his wife made a paperwork error when she claimed residency in Florida while also claiming residency in Maine, seeking homestead exemptions in both states. The family bought a home in Florida in 2008 so Ann could care for her ailing mother.

LePage now describes the letter as a formality and thanks the appraiser.

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Yaaaas, it's soooo sad that

Yaaaas, it's soooo sad that he cares for his mother in law. It's too bad we can't spread some of that sadness around

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DEMONcrats should know law before mud sticks to them instead

Before Tron and any DEMONcrats get all excited they may want to read the whole story in the Daytona Beach News Journal the newspaper covering Volusia County, Florida.http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/local/east-volusia/2010/09/24/volusia-homestead-claim-gets-tangled-in-maine-politics.html pay particular attention to, " In his letter to LePage, Gilreath refers to a "circumstance of Ms. LePage's mother's health" and a provision in the statutes that would allow two exemptions, if one is for the permanent residence of a dependent. He declined to give further details." I do believe that this means that Ann LePage is innocent of any wrong doing since she along with her children have been residing in Ormond Beach to care for her ailing mother.


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