Chellie Pingree takes heat for jet travel

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine, who has taken lawmakers to task for traveling on corporate jets, says there's nothing wrong with her flying on a corporate jet that belongs to her fiance.

The Maine Republican Party accused the Democratic congresswoman of hypocrisy after posted a video showing her getting off a 2007 Dassault Falcon 2000EX registered to a corporation owned by hedge fund manager S. Donald Sussman.

Pingree spokesman Willy Ritch tells the Portland Press Herald that Pingree was told by the House Ethics Committee that the flights are OK since she's engaged to Sussman.

Pingree, who's seeking re-election, is being challenged by Republican Dean Scontras.

Sussman is founder and chairman of Paloma Partners and is a regular donor to Democratic political causes and candidates in Maine.

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Mike Dumas's picture

I am not a

of Ms Pingree....

But I didn't see it mentioned anywhere that any tax dollars were used to fuel or operate this private aircraft. So what's the big deal?

 's picture

Mike Michaud is nothing more

Mike Michaud is nothing more than Nance Pelosi's pet. He votes whatever way she wants him too. I actually gave this guy my vote once but will never do it again. He has to go as well.

 's picture

How dare you peons question

How dare you peons question her motives. It's the 99% of the sanctimonious, mealy-mouth weasels like her posing as the voice of the people that give the rest of the democrat party a bad name. When I see her on TV coming down the stairs at the Portland jetport with that weary smile that trys to proclaim how hard she works and is so glad to be back "home" among the hoi polloi I want to puke. What is worse than a Mercedes marxist? A learjet liberal. get her out of our lives.

 's picture

She is a do nothing liberal

She is a do nothing liberal democrat that will kiss the butt of any democrat in WASHINGTON who has been there longer than she. Send her ugly butt back to Vinalhaven to persue her true profession 'digging blood worms'. WE NEED CHANGE

 's picture

Since Sussman is a resident

Since Sussman is a resident of the Virgin Islands and Pingree is living with him, how is she a Maine resident and running for a seat as a representative from Maine in the US House of Representatives? Don't you have to live in Maine to be a resident of Maine? And don't you have to be a resident of Maine to be representing Maine in Congress?


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