Where is the fairness?

I don't understand why Central Maine Healthcare needs to cut its staff when its top management makes much more than its lower-tier workers. How is the CEO so indispensable that he needs to be compensated $1.9 million?

I would think the most indispensable people would be those who give direct patient care, instead of "talking suits" who pose for the newspapers with Patrick Dempsey.

It's a shame that CMMC employees didn't agree to form a union years ago, when some of the previous staff tried to form one. I feel sorry for any worker who will lose a position and any patient who will lose the services of people in those positions.

Upper management will still have their well-paid jobs, but the little guys will be in the unemployment line, wondering how they are going to keep their houses and feed their families.

Where is the fairness in that?

Jaric Fontaine, Auburn

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 's picture

The term NONPROFIT is a

The term NONPROFIT is a misnomer. All nonprofit means is there are no investors or shareholders making money, collecting dividends or sharing in the profits. Instead you have a board of directors and a CEO who get paid STAGGERINGLY HUGE amounts in salaries and even more STAGGERINGLY HUGE BONUSES by seeing to it the "nonprofit" takes in a whole lot more than is going out to cover the cost of operations. CMMC which also owns the hospitals in Bridgton and Rumford, is a perfect example of this. Also remember the recent article on LifeFlight which is owned by CMMC and EMMC (Eastern Maine Medical Center) with a helicopter at each. Everytime that helicopter makes a trip to Rumford, which is several times a day, CMMC is sending somebody a bill starting around $18,000 dollars. I got a look at a bill for a transfer to CMMC from Rumford including Advanced Life Support for a heart patient who refused LifeFlight and went MedCare and the bill was only $1113 in comparison. Now if you live in the MedCare service area you know that MedCare has been hurting because they have seen a drastic reduction in trips over the past few years. My question is, how much of that reduction is due to abuse of LifeFlight and lining CMMC/RCH pockets when MedCare should be making those transfers (if they were even necessary) a lot more cost effectively? Remember a majority of those trips whether by LifeFlight or MedCare are being paid by we taxpayers since MaineCare or MediCare is picking up the tab. Also with reduced trips for MedCare the assessment to each member town has to go up to make up the budget shortage.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

ROFLMAO...That's really

ROFLMAO...That's really funny, Voisy.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot sez reasoning with

The parrot sez reasoning with a liberal is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

 's picture

Where are you getting that number?

Voisine, please supply a link to where you are getting 800,000 jobs a week.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Jaric: Who ever told you life

Who ever told you life was fair?

 's picture

here's how...

"How is the CEO so indispensable that he needs to be compensated $1.9 million?" Because he can discharge 35 or so middle class employees with families and mortgages, accept a big raise, and not even blink an eye! And, it's not about delivering quality health care at all - it's all about the greed of top management.

 's picture

Right on Jaric,

I couldn't have said it better.


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