No on-the-job training needed

I had the opportunity to meet with Libby Mitchell. What impressed me about her — she listened to me. She asked questions to help her better understand my concerns.

She has the respect of her counterparts, because they have elected her to leadership positions. She stays in the background and doesn’t take credit for the successes that come from her efforts.

The economy is in a shambles thanks to the trickle-down policies created by the Republicans. We need to elect a governor with a strong background in the Legislature in order to address the financial problems that confront us.

I expect our elected officials to work together to solve the problems in the best interest of all the people. Mitchell is an energetic problem-solver with integrity. That is exactly what we need.

Libby Mitchell is ready on day one. No on-the-job training is needed.

Richard Grandmaison, Lewiston

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No on the job training??

Of course she doesn't need on the job training....she's horrible already.

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lawntobemowed, Mardens is a

lawntobemowed, Mardens is a salvage store, and they do not hide that fact. Personally, I have gotten some great things there, at great prices. The people who work there are always happy and helpful, that fact should also reflect on LePage. Happy and helpful employees.

When was the last time you encountered a happy and helpful state employee?

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Libby is status quo. Ask

Libby is status quo. Ask yourself, is Maine in a good place? Libby is the same ole, same ole. Let us put her and her ilk out to pasture. Maine needs to move forward!

 's picture

So, you're saying that we

So, you're saying that we need more of the same incompetence we've seen for some thirty years? I've been around and I can say Maine's never been much for logic.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

No on-the-job training needed

No on-the-job training needed is absolutely right. She's been in the system for 36 years and somehow claims no culpability whatsoever for the sorry mess the State is in, even though she's been an active participant in the process. Talk about a disconnect.

 's picture

Caveat emptor

so don't shop there and you have solved that problem. I look over the stuff carefully and have gotten some great bargains there. Look at it this way; if he knows how to run a business while keeping costs down and is parsamonious with his own money, wouldn't it stand to reason there would be a good chance he would do the same with our tax money? And wouldn't THAT be a refreshing change in Augusta?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Whoever said Marden's was

Whoever said Marden's was Macy's?

 's picture

democrats like trickle up

democrats like trickle up poverty. we know they love poor people because their policies have created so many of them. Lenin said destroy the family and you destroy society. the dems are doing him proud.


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