Cemetery vandal arrested for violating bail conditions

LEWISTON — Less than one month after apologizing publicly for his role in last month's vandalism at Riverside Cemetery, Billie James Coburn again faced a judge Friday after being arrested early that morning.

Coburn, 18, of 131 Horton St., was charged at 3:14 a.m. Friday with violating condition of release. Sgt. Randy St. Laurent of the Lewiston Police Department said Sunday night that Coburn was charged because "he was in possession of something he wasn't supposed to have."

St. Laurent declined to elaborate on what Coburn had in his possession at the time of his arrest at the corner of Pine and Sabattus streets. He said that police were patrolling the area due to a rash of recent burglaries when they came upon Coburn.

The Lewiston man is one of three suspects at the center of the August vandalism case that left one of the city's oldest cemeteries in shambles with more than 100 headstones toppled over or broken. Coburn, Shane Haskell, 20, and Jesse Macia, 18, both also of Lewiston, were all charged with aggravated criminal mischief.

Coburn walked into the Sun Journal earlier this month, publicly admitted his role in the vandalism and asked for the public's forgiveness.

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Gee Whizz....getting in

Gee Whizz....getting in trouble is such a tough habit to break. What's a young boy to do?

 's picture


I just moved my 19 year old niece from ME to CA to take advantage of the community college system here. It is a shame that the kids in the Auburn-Lewiston area don't have an inexpensive option like we have here. We are paying her out of state tuition and it is still less than the kids in Maine pay in-state. What options do the young men like Billie have once they finish, or drop out of, high school? Has he been sentenced yet? Perhaps community service at the cemetery in lieu of jail time?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yes, but your state is also

Yes, but your state is also flat broke.

 's picture

no curfew?

an unemployed 18 year old should of had a curfew set with his bail!!

 's picture

Idle hands are the devil's

Idle hands are the devil's playthings

 's picture

Out roaming the streets at

Out roaming the streets at 3:14 AM is never a good sign. Obviously he hasn't found something productive to do with his time.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Have you ever had a positive

Have you ever had a positive thought? Have you ever been able to catch one and hang onto it long enough to put it into words? Why not try it on the threads? You might improve your ratings.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Do you often engage in

Do you often engage in thoughts you cannot defend?


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