Has potential to win

The difference between two polls regarding the race between Jason Levesque and Michael Michaud (Sept. 21) can be explained easily. At this stage of the campaign, many voters still are undecided. Combine that with the margin of sampling error, and there will be great volatility in poll results.

Usually, the incumbent has the early advantage just because of name familiarity. That makes it significant that in both polls, Michaud is under 50 percent — very dangerous territory for an incumbent.

I am confident that as voters become acquainted with Levesque, and as they learn about Michaud’s slavish devotion to the party line in Washington, the race will be much tighter than early polls indicate.

Undecided voters tend to break for the challenger.

Jason Levesque clearly has the potential to win an upset to become the new congressman from Maine’s 2nd District.

Douglas Hodgkin, Lewiston

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 's picture

Sound responsible leadership?

Sound responsible leadership? That would not be Michaud. I have voted for Mike in the past, but now, he is nothing more than a DC puppet.

RONALD RIML's picture

And Republicans don't vote in lockstep...??

Like they're all fierce individuals! Barf!

RONALD RIML's picture

You found two exceptions in the "Party of No" - Way to Go!!

So you're advertising your Progaganda Expertise

 's picture

Wishful thinking

People are undecided in this race? Mike Michaud Has done a great job in Augusta and Washington. Mr. Levesque is slavishly devoted to a false ideology that will land America as a third world country. Free us from the Angle, O'donnells, and Levesques, vote for sound responsible leadership - Mike Michaud.

 's picture

Really? Have you even met

Really? Have you even met Jason Levesque? False ideology...? Like what? Are you asserting that Mainers should NOT ontrol their own destiny, should NOT keep more of what they earn, should NOT make their own decisions, and should NOT demand accountability from our representatives? Is that what you're saying? Instead we SHOULD surrender our daily decisions about life to Mike Michaud and the Pelosi posse in Washington because they're...how did you put it? Responsible? No, thanks...

 's picture

The thing about the leftists

The thing about the leftists that always amazes me is their inability to look inward or backward. If one is incapable of learning from repeated mistakes, isn’t that a version on insanity? If you really want to talk about false ideology, look no further that the Marxist tripe the democrats pass off as their official dogma. The idea that the world could be transformed into some utopia where there is no poverty, inequality, or suffering is an idea so noble and desirable that it will allow any crime to be covered up. From the manmade famines in Ukraine and China to the killing fields of Cambodia, the left is unconcerned with the consequences of their compassionate deeds. To me that shows the left is motivated not by altruism and love but by nihilism and hate. Every society set up by leftists has become a national prison with a system of gulags within and the people are subjects and cannot escape. False ideology? Look in the mirror.

RONALD RIML's picture

"If one is incapable of learning from repeated mistakes..."

isn’t that a version on insanity?

And that's why Republicans continually clamour for tax cuts - then repeated drove the U.S. further and further into debt.


Observe President Reagan with his sweeping tax cuts followed by increased military budgets. He spent the Soviet Union into disarray and oblivion with our larger line of credit, and the National Debt rose by a whopping 20.6% of GDP during his terms of office! Bush I followed with another tax cut, and the Debt rose again – by 15% of a larger GDP. Do you see where this is going??

Clinton came in for two terms, accompanied by the Hi-Tech Bubble; the debt was actually reduced by 9.7% GDP. George Bush II followed with two more unfunded tax cuts AND wars which were all put on the Credit Card; no surprise that the National Debt then skyrocketed another 27% of GDP during his administration -

And who bought most of our recent debt? Why, the largest leftist, gulag Nation that deimos is railing against, Red China. They're going to own us.

Thanks, Republicans.

RONALD RIML's picture

Sure, Mom - Drinking the Kool-Aide again....

Just who'se "Our Enemies?"

Share with us what they're doing on "Obama's Watch" - and how you've come by this vital intelligence there in your 'War-Room' in Poland, ME

 's picture

There is no such thing as an

There is no such thing as an "unfunded" tax cut, veritas...we the people fund the government, not the other way around. Where do you liberals get off telling me that keeping more of what I earn needs to be "funded?" I EARNED it...it's my money! Debt is caused by overspending, not tax cuts. There's plenty of blame to go around, too...it is a Democrat and Republican problem. I never read you railing on irresponsible Democratic spending on wasteful entitlement programs that don't work and are rife with fraud and abuse, yet the other day you proclaim yourself a "truth-teller." And you also fail to mention that some debt is unavoidable because life happens and it's necessary. I may not like going into debt to buy a new furnace for my house but if freezing is the alternative, I guess I have to, don't I? I don't like that the United States had to spend into debt to defeat the Soviet Union in the Cold War, or for the War on Terror but it was necessary. I don't like going into debt for wasteful and unnecessary government programs (BOTH parties can share the blame). The government (BOTH parties) needs to cut spending...period. If I get in debt in my household it is because I spend what I don't have, not because my employer did not give me enough...I control how much I spend. Tax cuts do not create debt...too much spending does. Tax cuts stimulate consumer spending, which in turn creates jobs and expands the tax base. Washington (BOTH parties) needs to learn to"live" on what we send them.

RONALD RIML's picture

How little you know, Reagan Republican

It is the responsibility of the administration which enacts a tax cut to ensure that it is 'funded; - a moral responsibility, this was later enacted as law under the Gramm-Rudman Act of 1985.

Reagan and both Bushes refused to control how much they spent after enacting irresponsible tax cuts. Quit asking for more.

Business is sitting on $1.4 Trillion which they could spend on creating jobs - but choose not to.


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