Where did the money go?

The latest go-around involving Lewiston Mayor Larry Gilbert's rebuttal of a statement made by Paul LePage only reaffirms my opinion that politicians love to talk just to hear themselves talk.

LePage (mayor of Waterville) obviously knows the workings of city government better than Lewiston's illustrious mayor. Every citizen in Lewiston knows that not all of the excise tax money goes toward road repair, maintenance and such, and we didn't need an outsider to tell us that. Lewiston's streets would not be in such disrepair if money was set aside each year to maintain them, as Gilbert would like people to believe.

In a common-sense world, a set number of streets would be done every year, but obviously, they are not. With the mild winter we just had, extra money should have been available on top of the money saved by not demolishing Bates Mill No. 5.

I live on a street that has not been repaved since 1988 and I'm sure there are many others like it around. The asphalt on my street is so grooved by the elements that any major rainstorm or such will create massive wash-aways or sink holes.

So, the question arises, where is the money actually spent?

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Nice to see you're working on

Nice to see you're working on giving up the name calling, Voisy..keep up the good work. WALK THE PLANK, LIBMO!!!!! AARRGHH!!!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Facts don't lie and liars

Facts don't lie and liars never come up with any facts.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

oBAMa is giving us Jimmy

oBAMa is giving us Jimmy Carter's second term.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Clinton's -0.3 in '97-'03 was

Clinton's -0.3 in '97-'03 was fake. They cooked the books. But, again, he WAS "Slick Willy" wasn't he?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You made a good point, but

You made a good point, but why'd you have to call me a name.."ignorant republican"? I'm not even a republican; never have been.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

GOLD!!, sez the parrot; buy

GOLD!!, sez the parrot; buy gold.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Nice to see that Voisy has

Nice to see that Voisy has given up the name calling and the vitriol. Nothing but "truth and facts"; that's what we like. And Howdy Doody and Jimmy Carter are not related.

 's picture


Lepage can't manage his own finances, and we're supposed to believe that as "mayor" of Waterville he has all the answers for Lewiston?

 's picture

So, you're evidence that not

So, you're evidence that not all of the excise tax "money" is spent on roads is based on the condition of the street you live on?

Makes sense to me.

 's picture

Mr Albrecht, it is you who is

Mr Albrecht, it is you who is the ignorant one. Put down the koolaid and face reality.



Too bad that some people are this ignorant. LePage as Major of Waterville had a ceremonial position. He's an expert in one thing only - Marden's. He expressed his ignorance on road repair by answering a reporters question about the backlog of road repairs by saying that the problems were solely caused by "bloated bureaucracy". The bloated bureaucracy disappeared years ago with the Republican recession.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well....I guess that settles

Well....I guess that settles it.


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