The wrong choice

I don't believe Maine wants a governor who is ready to fly off the handle at any moment; who gets angry at the smallest things; or who is ready to cuss and swear over being aggravated or provoked by something someone says.

Paul LePage's present actions speak louder than words ever could.

What happens in Augusta will not always go his way. He cannot throw a temper tantrum every time he is upset or doesn't agree. A governor needs patience, clear-thinking and to be tolerant of other people's ideas.

If a major disaster occurs, could LePage effectively handle the situation?

Maine Yankee was torn down and the state is environmentally conscious of rivers and streams, and producing less pollution. Giving big companies freedom to pollute is like a death sentence to Maine and her people.

I want Maine to go forward, not backward.

LePage is the wrong choice for Maine.

Dorothy M. Soule, Farmington

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Bob Wright's picture

Here's the text from LePage's

Here's the text from LePage's comments:

"We came from behind because we have a message. We have a message that says: One, we've had enough of the federal government. We've had enough. Two, we've had enough of the state government. And number three, government should be working for the people, not the people working for the government. And as your governor, you're gonna be seeing a lot of me on the front page saying Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell."

I totally agree with Paul. Obama and the Dems lie to us. But that is alright.
Baldacci and the Dems lie to us. But that is alright.

Please pass the koolaid. I cannot take reality anymore.


How many times have Democrats, Republicans, and journalists been angered by press questions and hounding. There has always been those who denounced Carter despite being one of the greatest presidents. While we may disagree LePage is not the intellectual cascading genius he is more or less humbled and obliged to be Governor but finds no middle room for the press. How many times have Democrats or Republicans (more so Republicans) been caught in a lobbyists pocket? I have already decided my ticket voting and it is heavily not along party lines. Therefore it does not work when everyone states here and there LePage's "anger"; we had a worse crybaby in a certain racist, white-bred, and crazy man Dick Cheney.

RONALD RIML's picture

A liar and thief with backbone..... How refreshing!!

A liar and thief with backbone..... How refreshing!!

Terry Donald's picture

most importantly, you can

most importantly, you can cast your vote on honesty and character, LePage has neither.


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