Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Scott's driving history spotty

LEWISTON — A driving records check on the ballot candidates running for governor in Maine shows three of the five have fairly average driving records.

 Paul LePage, Kevin Scott, Libby Mitchell
AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach

The five Maine gubernatorial candidates met to debate issues in a forum before seniors in Waterville, Maine, on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010. Independent Kevin Scott, center, makes a point while Republican Paul LePage, left, and Democrat Libby Mitchell, right, listen.

But one — Kevin Scott of Andover — has been convicted of 35 motor vehicle violations and had his driving privilege suspended on 21 occasions, Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap said Tuesday after reviewing records.

Dunlap described the driving records of the other four candidates as "fairly pedestrian" in nature, saying they were "about average" for Maine drivers.

Last Saturday during the first televised debate, all five candidates were asked how many "points" they had on their driver's license in reference to the system Maine uses to track driving violations.

Each driving infraction results in points being added to a driving record and each year a driver goes without a violation a point is removed to a maximum of negative four points. Good driving can result in a maximum of four negative points while the accumulation of 12 or more points can result in a driver's license suspension, according to Dunlap.

Four of the five candidates said they didn't have any points on their record while Republican Paul LePage said he had no idea how many points he had. That answer is probably the most accurate, according to Dunlap, who said most drivers have no idea how many points they have on their record. In fact, LePage, who has received three speeding tickets in the last 10 years, has negative three points, as do independent candidates Eliot Cutler and Shawn Moody.

LePage's tickets include convictions for driving 83 mph in a 65-mph zone, driving 84 mph in a 65-mph zone and driving 51 mph in a 25-mph zone.

Cutler has two speeding tickets over the last 10 years, including driving 72 mph in a 50 mph zone and 41 mph in a 30-mph zone.

Moody's tickets include a conviction for an improper turn, speeding 68 mph in a 55-mph zone, an out-of-state seat belt violation and failure to stop for a red light.

Democrat Libby Mitchell has the cleanest driving record with no convictions in the last 10 years.

Scott's 10-year record includes nine violations, including five speeding tickets: One for driving 94 mph in a 65-mph zone, one for driving 83 mph in a 65-mph zone, one for driving 69 mph in a 55-mph zone, one for driving 74 mph in a 55-mph zone and one for driving 50 mph in a 25-mph zone in April of 2010.

Other convictions on Scott's 10-year record include passing on the right, failure to display a valid registration plate, failure to display a valid inspection sticker and one conviction for operating inadequate or defective equipment.

Attempts to reach the candidates and their campaigns for comment on this story were unsuccessful Tuesday.

What they drive

The five gubernatorial candidates were asked during a televised debate what kind of car they drive.

 Elizabeth "Libby" Mitchell said she drives a Toyota Prius. That vehicle is registered in her husband's name, according to records at the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles. Also registered in Mitchell and her husband's name is a gray 2006 Cadillac Escalade and a black 2003 Volkswagen Beetle.

 Eliot Cutler said he drives a Ford. Records show a 1996 Ford Bronco is registered to the candidate. Records show registrations for a 2004 black Volvo X90 and a 2002 red BMW 330 registered to he and Melanie Cutler expired in August of this year.

Shawn Moody said he drives a pickup truck that was salvaged from the water. Registered in his and his wife's names is a 2000 blue Chevrolet 1500 pickup. Also registered in Moody's name is a 1971 black Chevrolet Nova and a green 2001 GMC Yukon.

Paul LePage said he drives a "company car" he described only as a Toyota. Records show a registration for a 2000 red Pontiac Grand Am in his and his wife's names expired in January.

 Scott said he drives an "Oldsmobile." Records show he has registered three vehicles in his name in recent years, including a 1987 blue Chevrolet C-10 pickup, a 1972 blue Jeep Wagoneer and a 1967 green Jeep J-200. Registrations on all but the 1972 Jeep Wagoneer vehicle were expired.

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 's picture


CARES... what they drive or what their driving records are like.... WTF, if this is all U can find to write about go sell girlscout cookies... This story is HELLA LAME and a waste of bandwidth... Driving records my soggy garden soil...

 's picture


Yes, I'd say that this driving record is relevant. If someone has a couple of random violations, that doesn't concern me. Most of us do. But seriously: 35 violations? How is that even possible? Any why doesn't the state just permanently revoke your driving privileges after the first 10 (or 20, or 30)? That many violations definitely says something (very negative) about his personality. To me it suggests that he has a flagrant disregard for laws he finds inconvenient, and, frankly, for the safety his fellow Mainers.

 's picture

I don't believe LePage's

I don't believe LePage's driving record warrants the same condemnation as Scott's. Scott is a habitual offender. I wouldn't want a habitual offender leading my state.

 's picture

regarding his speeding violations

I did indeed, miss the fact that he had a speeding violation in April, thanks for clearing that up. I honestly think that driving violations have nothing to do with his ability to bring the state of Maine to a better place. If the readers here think they have never broken the law by speeding then I think they are lying.. I try to obey traffic laws and have not had a ticket in the 21 years that I have been driving.. I have had the (?) good fortune to have not gotten caught.. It doesn't qualify me to run for Governor. Everyone has a past. I think LePage's violations are equally sever although not as numerous. " LePage's tickets include convictions for driving 83 mph in a 65-mph zone, driving 84 mph in a 65-mph zone and driving 51 mph in a 25-mph zone." Please tell me how these traffic violations affect his ability to lead? Does it imply that he has a blatant disregard for the law? Not in my eyes. I like his vision and I believe in him.. Would I encourage him to continue to drive fast? Nope but I don't think that driving fast has anything to do with balancing a budget...

 's picture

Being an Interstate driver

Being an Interstate driver myself, and given the posted speads of 65MPH and that the only roads in the State of Maine with posted speeds of 65MPH are the Interstates, I am going to hazard what I consider a very safe guess that the 83 and 84 in 65 MPH tickets where on the Interstate. I do not condone the speed, however, the limit on the Interestate in most other states is 75MPH and he would not have been ticketed. I have been in heavy traffic where going the posted speed feels downright suicidal. Also as a frequent Interstate driver, I would swear on a stack of the holy document of your choice with no reservations whatsoever that I have been passed on a regular basis by State, County and Local Law Enforcement on the Interstate while my speedometer read within 10 MPH over the posted speed limit of 65 as if I were standing still and they definitely were not responding to an emergency, no lights, no siren. I have been passed in such a fashion to observe said law enforcement officer holding a cellphone to their ear and screwing with a computer, a radio or something else in the car! I have even witnessed said officers texting, yes folks, texting, while I would extimate they were cruising along at a buck or better, for you youngins' that's 100MPH. I'm more bothered by the 51 in a 25 which would be a residential neighborhood more than likely but agian once in ten years I can live with. Also someone mentioned years of operation, if three tickets is all Mr. LePage has had in his driving career with all his years and the many miles he puts on in the course of his business and family travel between Maine and Florida I'm impressed. He has done better than most, not as good as me , but better than most. Would I vote for someone just because of a reasonable driving record, no; would I not vote for someone because of 21 driver license suspensions in 10 years or a driving career of a lifetime, absolutely, demonstrates poor judgement.

 's picture

a couple of problems

Scott has a real problem with honesty and fiances, it seems. Sounds to me like he needs the Governor's salary. As for LePage -- is he still driving Marden's company car on the campaign? If so, this should be claimed as a contribution in kind since he is not working for Mardens at this point (took a leave of absence). Also, with a company car, one is to claim this benefit on the tax returns -- I wonder if LePage has done so. Finally, I wonder if Mardens knows LePage's driving record.

 's picture

How recent was his last violation?

I'd be curious to know how recently he was cited for a violation?? Was it a year ago? 10 yrs ago?..He is young enough that his youth might play a factor..what was LePage doin in his 20's?? Not that it matters because as he is of a more advanced age..Kevin doesn't have a luxury of time..We all have things in our past..If he hasn't had a violation in the last few years then I'd say he likely learned from it..I really like his vision and he is a working class guy..He has been in the trenches..He has my vote and if he needs a driver have him call me.

 's picture

Kevin is in his 40s, no

Kevin is in his 40s, no spring chicken. The driving records where checked for the past 10 years! That is 21 suspensions in this decade folks! That averages out to 2.1 suspensions per year over each of the last 10 years! He should be permanently restricted to applying the tread of his sneakers only to pavement!

 's picture


Scott has a real problem. And, LePage's Grand Am is probably registered in Florida now. They seem to float back in forth between states.

 's picture


I have to go to work. A lot of people in Maine, including myself, are depending upon me to show up and give it 100% today, so I don't have time to address the crap in the post of yours. You should do some research before you spew.

I find it remarkable that we are talking about driving records when we are facing a one billion dollar budget hole, five billion in unfunded pensions, and twelve billion in state debt. When those chickens come home to roost, I can imagine the belly aching that will go on in this forum.

 's picture

35 violations and 21

35 violations and 21 suspensions!! Wow, that's a ton. Can see that Scott's one of those annoying "i've got to be first" guys on the highway. 94 in a 65,, 83 in a 65,, 74 in a 55, that's unsafe and irresponsible! Slow the F%*# down man, the fact that you are late does not give you the right to endanger others lives.

 's picture

I would hardly label "in the

I would hardly label "in the past ten years" as being a lot of years ago. I also would not consider running one stop sign in ten years terrible, though I haven't done it in thirty years of driving, trees and bushes overgrow and block signs in Maine every day, trucks obstuct, things happen; not good to run a stop sign but if someone ran one in ten years and that were all I wouldn't hold it against them. I also would not get too keyed up over a speeding one speeding ticket in ten years where someone was going 10 miles over, say 65 in a 55 but, 94 anywhere is way past my limit of tolerance. A lot takes place to result in 21 drivers license suspensions, doesn't matter if it is 10 years or a lifetime of driving that is a scofflaw and habitual offender with a wanten disregard for the law and the welfare of others persons and their property. I would very much have to question if someone exhibiting such wanten disregard behind the wheel is going to demonstrate any different behaviors in other areas of their life including public office. I haven't committed my vote but I think I just elliminated a "suspect."

 's picture

You don't think Scott's

You don't think Scott's record is excessive and relevant?

A general disregard for the law is relevant whether you're a candidate for governor or not.


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