LePage: I'd tell Obama to go to hell

PORTLAND (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage told a group of fishermen at a GOP forum that he won't be afraid to tell President Barack Obama to "go to hell."

Paul LePage
Pat Wellenbach/Associated Press

In this Sept. 21 photo, Republican Paul LePage speaks during a debate in Waterville.

LePage, a favorite of tea partiers, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he regretted the words he chose Sunday in the small coastal town of Brooksville but that he wasn't backing down in his criticism of the administration for what he describes as free-spending, antibusiness policies.

A Democratic Party official said it showed LePage is hotheaded and ill-suited to govern.

LePage was responding to a question when he made the remark about Obama, which was captured by a Democratic Party aide who was videotaping the event.

"As your governor, you're going to be seeing a lot of me on the front page, saying 'Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell,'" LePage said to applause.

LePage, who is mayor of Waterville but new to statewide politics, declined to offer an outright apology. He also continued to take aim at the Obama administration, saying federal spending is driving up the national debt and "taking us to a place where my children and my grandchildren will never come back."

Earlier this month, LePage came under fire for uttering a barnyard epithet at a news conference in Portland when he was asked about property tax breaks on his wife's homes in Florida and Maine.

"Am I politically correct all the time? No. Maybe it's time to have people say bluntly what's going on," LePage said Wednesday. "The fact of the matter is that I haven't learned how to speak out of both sides of my mouth yet."

Recent polls have shown LePage leading a five-way race for governor, but a new poll released Wednesday put him about even with Democrat Libby Mitchell.

Arden Manning, manager of the Maine Democrats' coordinated campaign, said the video provides some insight into how a LePage administration might govern.

"If he's reacting this way to the president of the United States, think about what his response would be to a local legislator or a constituent who disagreed with him," Manning said. "His comments are offensive. It just shows that LePage is not ready to lead."

LePage's remark was part of a longer discussion of issues at the fishermen's forum. Dennis Blodgett, the town's GOP committee chairman, said much of the discussion focused on "too many federal regulations being crammed down our throats."

"Whether you like it or not, he gives you an answer," said Darrell Fowler, a Brooksville selectman and a Republican. "He doesn't beat around the bush."

Eliot Cutler, one of three independent candidates in the race, said LePage's remark about Obama, coupled with his quip during a debate that he'd ask the president "to get out of my state" rather than ask for federal help, demonstrate that LePage is a "crude bully." Obama and his family visited Acadia National Park in July.

"I don't care whether the president of the United States is Barack Obama or George Bush or anybody else," Cutler said. "You don't tell them to 'go to hell.' You don't tell them to 'get out of my state.'"


Associated Press reporter Glenn Adams in Augusta contributed to this story.

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 's picture

Simply Put

After everything obama bin laden, a.k.a. barack hussein has done to this Country, it's about time someone tells him to go to hell!

 's picture

We have a billion dollar

We have a billion dollar structural deficit looming in Maine. The current Administration in Maine along with his party maybe doubled our MaineCare recipients by increasing the income eligibility. And recently eliminated reconciliation of an individuals assets in order to Be eligible for MainCare. It doesn't appear that this was done out of the goodness of their collective hearts. They knew the Feds would provide a 2-1 match in funds (added to that wonderfull all purpose and handy "General Fund.") that might close the budget gap. But it didn't cause the feds didn't pay.. And oops we forgot about paying the hospitals what they were and are owed. Oops. And we owe the public service employees and teachers pension funds hundreds of millions. oops. We have Dirigo with an initial startup cost of $51 million to insure what 3800 people? And who knows how much has been raided from the "General Fund" since. No one seems to know WHAT is in OBama care, even the folks who wrote it don't know what is in it. Our Potato, Dairy, Paper, fishing, textile and wood products industries are being decimated by international pressures. Our national government (both parties) don't seem to care becaues we represent 1/7 of the population of NYC. We have national pseudo scientists who are gonna go to oooohhh lets say Brooksville and tell a ninth generation lobster fisherman how to preserve his or her industry and lively hood. Wow real smart. We currently have second and third tier management in our government (this state) who are making six figure incomes, probly 80% more than what's comparable in the private sector. So, Mayor LePage is getting a front row seat to what is REALLY going on, and it isn't good. I think he is probably shocked. Oh, lets not forget our state government did NOT pay its share of education to the towns, which left the councilmen and women, in a hell of a bind and soooo that's passed on to what I pay in property taxes. We need a manager, we don't need hyperbole. Because, there is NO more money. You can vilify, condemn, name call all you want, but their is no more money. So, keep swearing Paul, maybe you can shock these people into reality. Incidentally, OBama soars so far above us, he doesn't even know Paul told him to .........it wasn't on his teleprompter

 's picture


Anyone who strongly supports the likes of LePage, O'Donnell, and Palin loses all credibility with me.

 's picture

Can't. Hold. It. Back. Any. More...

Yes, really! And twice now he has spelled "your" (the possessive form of "you") as "you're" (the contraction for "you are"). (PHEW!)

Ok... I know it's petty... but it was deeply troubling me that someone spouting off about folks on here being UNEDUCATED had no problem using blatantly incorrect grammar and/or spelling.

That being said... If not wanting to allow a citizen of any other country to enter the United States and take up residency without going through the proper channels (LIKE OUR ANCESTORS HAD TO DO) is now considered RACIST... then I guess I'm a racist, too. Make room for me by the campfire, I'm coming over. I'll even bring marshmallows...

I don't care WHAT color our president is. I don't agree with most of his policies. Telling him to go to hell may be pointless and immature by many people's standards, but I can undertand how an individual could be frustrated enough to do it.

 's picture

Yes, you're correct...

... and it's that later period in time I was referring to. I should have been more clear.

Thank you for chiming in :)

 's picture



 's picture


Libby Mitchell must be pinching herself...you can't make this stuff up! Lepage is making the Marden's Lady look like the brains of his operation. Looking forward to an exciting fall campaign!

 's picture

I say Obama comes to Maine

I say Obama comes to Maine and tells LePage to GO TO HELL right back!

 's picture


...there once was a time where the presence of a police officer would make me uncomfortable... and then it was explained to me this way:

If you're not doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about. Go about your business.

That applies to ANY party you're affiliated with...

 's picture

Mark B. I wouldn't exactly

Mark B. I wouldn't exactly call Obama a democratically elected president. Do you recall the black panther thugs with their billy clubs outside a polling place in Pennsylvania? Does the name Acorn mean anything to you? I could go on. Although I respect the office of President, I do not respect Obama. He and his cronies have taken this country down the wrong road and it will take us a long time to right the ship. As far as Paul Lepage is concerned, though I do not agree with the choice of words, I am glad that we have a candidate that is not going to cater to the masses to be politically correct. It's time we have a politician who will speak his mind. I wish we had that in Washington. By the way, maybe Lepage should use a teleprompter like our communicater in chief then he would be politically correct

 's picture

The problem is this:

Citygirl, you are entitled to your opinions, just as the rest of us are entitled to point out how ill-informed they are. You suggest that because Obama has held two Muslim prayers at the White House, that makes him a Muslim. Well, even if he has held such prayers (I don't know whether you're right or not, but it doesn't matter), what you are ignoring is this. He's also held seders--Passover dinners--at the White House and during his 2008 campaign. Does that make him a Jew too? The suggestion that he's Muslim is a lie, and the suggestion that it's somehow bad to be a Muslim is a smear on the millions who practice the faith. Shame on you for your ignorance.

 's picture


Who is advising this man? For goodness sake he's not running for WWF, he's supposed to be running for governor. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it does not mean it should be publicly spoken, civility should be the rule. I have strongly considered voting for LePage, the antics of the past two weeks have not impressed me that he is anyway qualified to be in a top political position.

Mark  Bonin's picture

the man is a loose cannon

Another ignorant statement by Mr. Lepage. First, his crude outburst at the media, then saying he would tell the President to "leave his state" and now the "go to hell" comment.

Whether you agree or disagree with O'Bama he is still the democratically elected President of our country and deserves the respect the office deserves. Furthermore, it's not "your" state Mr. LePage, it's "our" state.

You conduct proves you are not fit to be in office and certainly not an example I want for my children and grandchildren. Not only will I not vote for you I will also stop shopping at Marden's for as long as you're associated with that firm.

You're a disgrace.

 's picture

Lepage should know something

Lepage should know something about hell because that's where he plans on taking the state.

 's picture

Just what Maine needs,

Just what Maine needs, another dumb blowhard, low-class politician.
Just wondering...do LePage's employees tell him to go to hell? I'm guessing they might, under their breath.

 's picture

Go on up to Escourt station

Go on up to Escourt station and look across the border into St Pamphile a bustling thriving logging industry harvesting Maine timber one hundred feet away from people who cab't find work. . Can't offend the Canadians. Never mind the steady decline of potatoes because of Canadian dumping. We did have giant japanese (and others) factory ships off the banks. And of course the depletion of fish stocks is blamed on our local family fisherman. Jeez, we wouldn't want to offend the Japanese, they are the second largest holder of our debt. These ARE international issues that are not addressed by our own president. Yet the fishing families are slowly going away, and they are being eliminated by the environmentaists and our government. It's funny that these same greenies won't take on the Japanese or others. Because they can't. Like our fishermen, they'd rather attack US. That's the context. And......what else did the fishermen and women reveal to Mayor LePage? And why wasn't that printed here? What was the topic? What ticked him off? NAAAWW the headline is.......well you know. hahahahahahaha
So, I think this is the funniest situation I have ever heard. Keep lettin em have it Paul. Let's get Libby and Cutler to do it also.

Where was the offense when OBama accused the Cambridge police of acting "stupidly?"

 's picture

You're not uneducated

You're not uneducated you use the feelings of being suppressed to form a natural and immature barrier to you're own advantage and arrogant tone over others. You bring race relations to the front to suit that egotistical clash and ideology of yours. When race relations create a mixture for the well being of others you seek to destroy it and create an inner-maelstrom to decimate those who disagree with you. Knowing this is an equal control you throw others off by advocating being uneducated to suit the qualms on the board. You wanted to bring race relations into the front of using racism yourself and when called on it that upset you greatly. I don't like bringing race into many conversations because it proves just how close minded and ill-willed people can be but you put a profit on it for yourself and cried foul and that something that should be abstained from. I've been called a "Cong" at Caswells and mistaken for a stock boy there, in elementary I was picked on as a chink, and you know something those all can hit close to home; the hardest thing though is being called a freak while working across the Bates campus because of my Aspie facial features by a "Conservative" brand of students. Among all of that I have never lost my cool or resorted to low ranking insults such as accusing others of using the n word.

 's picture

Visine...are you that stupid

Visine...are you that stupid or do you just reflexively name-call? Do you really think the unemployed, high-school dropouts on welfare are the ones planning to vote for Lepage? The guy who is pledging to reform (i.e. SLASH) welfare? I think an intellectually honest person could admit the obvious.... it's unions and those with their hands out....sorry, that is REALLY redundant..... that vote for Dems.

 's picture

Not all union members...

I can tell you, for a fact, that not ALL union members will vote DEM just because they're asked to. While it is true that the union I belong to (it's a "closed shop" where I work) does send a letter to advise for whom they'd prefer we vote, many people actually use that as a guide for "who DOESN'T get the checkmark."

 's picture

You would fit in

City you would fit right in amid the KKK and Neo-Nazi's simply because you're ignorance and arrogance takes the cake as well as the utter disregard that you show for the president you do not hide that ignorant racism of yours well. If you want to use the n word go ahead we can all feel what you wanted to say and what you do say.

 's picture

Meme Check

Someone explain this "Obama held two prayer dinners in the White House" thing to me please. The Iftaar banquets are an annual event. Geo W. Bush held 8 of them. Why do people say it in such a way as to make it sound like Obama is evil when the facts are so easy to check?

 's picture

Buy a clue

Then why not just say that before lamenting on what you intended to say and then fall back on the spirit of fear? You create a spirit of fear and hide behind skin color when the heat gets to hot. In calling me a racist you use that as a stumbling block and a psychological control for a backward stumble. That is an elusive grasp of history and contempt for others which you have going around as you attack and defile others crying foul much like Gil. We have never uttered the n word so you know for that low ball attack I have heard a lot more name calling in my life as an Aspie and called a freak more times then not so if you have control issues in a conversation; shut up, grow up, and mature the conversation so that you are in the concrete Piageten phase instead of being a fear mongering war whore.


 's picture

Our Vote

I think it is time to tell Paul LePage to go to hell when we vote.

 's picture

By HELL LePage meant back to

By HELL LePage meant back to Chicago Pretty much the same place!!!

 's picture

Well... this won't be well-liked, but it's my observation...

After viewing the clip, I cannot see where Mr. LePage's reaction can be seen as an example of "shooting off his mouth." His words may not have been politically correct, but he spoke honestly and from the heart. Perhaps that, in itself, is what has everyone in such upheaval?

At this point in time, aren't we all fairly accustomed to hearing our politicians dance around what they really think about an issue? I'm surprised no one has yet begun yammering on about how this naughty, naughty Republican said something negative about our wonderful president. (Come on, you know you want to... I'm sure it's killing you to hold back that nasty "Tea-bag" comment you're DYING to make.) Furthermore, we're not in church here. Stop being so sensitive about all the "dirty talk." With all this talk of amnesty for illegal immigrants (among other things), I'm sure Mr. LePage isn't the only person who'd like to tell the president where to go.

I, for one, like the fact that Mr. LePage isn't just like all the others. "All the others" have gotten us into one heck of a pickle. I'm not crazy about some of his ideas about environmentalism, either... but somehow I don't think he's so unreasonable that he would not listen to his consituency...

 's picture

It is what LePage's statement says

What he is saying is that by telling the President to go to hell, it would change anything. It won't change anything. Paul LePage as Governor of the State of Maine will not have the power to tell the federal government that the fishermen will not follow the laws. The fishermen will still have to follow the laws. Federal law supersedes State law. So, Paul LePage could throw all the fits he wants, it will not mean a thing. Just like his little nasty statement does not mean a thing. It falsely makes people think he will be able to change things, but he won't. And, his ill temper will turn everyone off to the State of Maine. What is worse is that Paul LePage does not have a clue as to what his responsibilities will be as Governor. Just like he has proclaimed that he did things in Waterville when he didn't, he will try to do things as Governor which will not be allowed. LePage as Governor is more than scary.

 's picture

Perhaps he could've used more

Perhaps he could've used more civilized language but the point is, He is not afraid to speak his mind and we need more people like that in this day and age.

So, I say way to go Governor!

 's picture

Civilized language will not

Civilized language will not work when you are dealing with inbred DEMOCRATS!

 's picture

I think that you will be in a

I think that you will be in a very long line G with a lot of very good company.

 's picture

Oh Noes!

Obama had TWO Muslim dinners at the White House? What about the eight George W. Bush had?

 's picture


You should hang a sign around your neck saying "BIGOT."

 's picture


You should hang a sign around your neck saying "BIGOT."

 's picture

Cheers, LaPage

If he hasn't learned how to speak out of both sides of his mouth, God bless him; he may be the only plain-spoken politician left. I'll vote for him. As for where Obama should go, well, I don't even believe in hell, but the expression "go to ..." is a well established idiom. Maybe we should take nominations for the places we would most like to send people we disagree with! :-)

 's picture


I find it interesting that folks get upset when someone swears and speaks directly when presented with a situation or question. While I and others may not like it, swearing seems to now be part of our culture and language. And lets not forget how he was raised. By himself on the streets as a kid. It is really amazing that he has gotten to where he is now when you consider his upbringing and I believe you must consider that strongly. He has been to the other side of the tracks and knows what works and doesn't work. I am truly surprised someone has come forward with stories of physical fights that LePage has been in as another example of "why he shouldn't be in politics." I find it refreshing that someone will answer a question when asked and not deflect and spin to what they want to talk about.

 's picture

tough life

LePage had a tough life forty years ago. By now, he should have learn some manners and proper respect and courtesy. I am absolutely sure that he insists that people show him respect and courtesy. His behavior tells me that his friends are probably just like him, and they have gotten away with this kind of behavior in the places that they frequent. Well, I don't want an ill tempered, obnoxious little man as my Governor. We would be the laughing stock of the nation. As a superficial Mayor, he can get away with this kind of rediculousness. If Waterville wants him, let them keep him. We do not want him.

 's picture

You have to take into account the audiance

Take into consideration he was talking to a bunch of fisherman. These guys shoot at each other! I would say their vocabulary is quite a bit more extensive in the profanity department than HELL. And I dare say it isn't reserved for moments of heated passion but liberally peppered throughout casual conversation. If you watch the clip, LePage is clearly trying to come up with words that are suitable for his audience, he didn't blurt it out he was really working at the best way to convey his meaning to this group. Not that I would mind him telling Obama to go to hell on a lot of issues, mandates and misery he is heaping on and will be heaping on long after he leaves office, we citizens, not to mention the debt.


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