Abandoned dog adopted, renamed

LISBON – Abandoned and left in the rain on Tuesday, the dog formerly known as Goldy was warm and dry in a new home by Thursday night.

Forrest Jordan

The dog formerly known as Goldy, now known as Lucky, relaxes Thursday night at the home of Forrest and Linda Jordan.

Two days after she was discovered tied to a post at the Auburn boat launch, the Yorkshire terrier was adopted by a Lisbon couple who took her home early Thursday evening.

Gone were the fleas that had vexed the animal when she was first brought to the Humane Society in Lewiston. Gone also was the name.

“Her new name is Lucky,” said Forrest E. Jordan Sr.

“She’s lucky,” said Linda, his wife, “and we’re lucky, too.”

The couple, in their 70s, saw a photograph and read about the abandoned dog Wednesday morning. For Forrest, it was something like love at first sight.

“I saw that picture and I thought, that’s a shame,” Forrest said. “I said, she has got to have a home. This dog is going to be my little buddy.”

And so it was done. The couple went to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston to inquire about the dog.

Forrest, who has had dogs all of his life, said there was something about this one that looked familiar. Although it was originally believed to be a Shih Tsu, Forrest correctly identified it as a Yorkshire Terrier, the same breed as his former pet.

“This is a Yorky,” he said. “You better believe she is.”

A man having lunch at the boat launch with his daughter Tuesday morning found the dog tied to a post. That man later went back to the Humane Society to check on the dog. There, he met the Jordans and learned they were taking her home.

“He told us he nearly cried when he found the dog,” Linda said.

Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout was investigating the matter, trying to find out who left the dog tied up in the woods with a brief note nearby. It remained under investigation Thursday night.

It’s only been two days, but Lucky seemed to be putting it behind her.

“She’s got a really good personality,”Linda said. “She follows us from room to room.”

Not only that, but she’s house trained and she responds to voice commands. Forrest said she already seemed accustomed to her new name.

“She made herself right at a home,” Forrest said. “She’s some happy, I’ll tell you.”

No need to convince Jo Bell, a family friend who was around when the Jordans brought Lucky home.

“I’m so excited,” Bell said, “that this dog ended up at the home that she did. These are about the nicest people an animal could go home with.”

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These are about the nicest people an animal could go home with.”

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